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NYE iPhone 5 and Desktop Wallpaper

It's almost 2014! So I decided to ring in the new year with a new iPhone and Desktop background for ya'll! I had my cute holiday one, but I figured since the holidays are almost over it was time to make a new one. Click the link for the desktop one to get the full resolution background, but for the iPhone, just right click and save (I used dropbox to get it to my phone, but you could just access the mobile site).

Enjoy! :)

Click Here for the full resolution desktop image. (Just save image to use as desktop wallpaper!)

Let me know what you think! :)

New Years Resolutions

2013 has almost come to an end and I can't believe it! It's been a great year and I'm hoping 2014 will be even better! Next year I'll be graduating undergraduate and (hopefully) starting my masters! :)

I thought New Years Resolutions would be appropriate (and maybe since I'm putting them for the world to see, I'll actually stick to them this year!). The new year always gives such a great clean slate...even if that new gym membership doesn't last past January. ;)

1. Better daily routine \\ I always try an do this before each quarter, but it's so difficult with 8 am classes. I'm definitely a night owl and can stay up until 3 am for no reason, which is great when I need to be working on projects for finals...but not so great when I'm online shopping and watching Netflix and have an 8 am class the next day... I always feel like even if I do get a nap my day is still shot and then I'm on a weird schedule for the rest of the week...so I'm going to try REALLY REALLY hard to get my 8 hours at normal times...

2. Eat healthier \\ (and work out more) I know this is EVERYONES New Years resolution, but ya'll I really need to. I'm pretty sure I have slight genetic hypoglycemia (which is basically low blood sugar) because I'm super sensitive to sugary stuff and I crave it! If I have too much I get super sick and cranky (also if I wait too long to eat). Last year I tried the Low Carb diet for a while and felt so much better! (My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to do it again because "I was so nice" haha) 

3. Get a good nights sleep \\ This kind of goes hand in hand with number 1, but like I said...if I don't then I feel like my next day is completely shot...even if I get a nap in. 

4. Better Blogging Routine \\ Now that I've kind of gotten into the swing of things with this blog (regularly updating for three months now woo woo!) I'd really like to get into a routine with it. I'm working on scheduling out posts and I'd like them all to go out on certain days and times. It'll be a challenge as I usually write blog posts now when I have free time. 

5. Read more books \\ I used to read so many books before college, and I'd like to get back to that. There's always a lot of books that I have on my theoretical reading list but I never get around to getting them. School is really hectic and demanding, but I'd like to find time this year to sit back and read for fun like I used to.

What's your New Years Resolutions for 2014?

After Christmas Sales Guide!

I had a great and relaxing Christmas! How was yours? Hopefully you got everything you wanted, I know I did! And I'm super excited because my birthday is in 6 days!! 

Anyways, now that the holidays are winding down...so are all the stores, which is why I put together an After Christmas Sales guide. After Christmas sales are great times to stock up on winter essentials like boots and outerwear as well as grab some new stuff for the upcoming spring season (if you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know I already have a "Spring Fever" board...).

These sales are also a great place to find deals after getting gift cards/money for the holidays! I know I love to have a shopping day before I go back to college! :)

Check out some of my favorite sales going on right now:

Brooks Brothers:
Semi-Annual sale - Save up to 50% off online and in store. Save an additional 15% off through December 26th.

Extra 40% off sales items with code "SALETIME"

In-Store: Extra 30% off
Online: 40% off sale items with code "GIFTNOW"

C. Wonder:
40% off jewelry and 50% off sale items

Banana Republic:
Up to 50% off Winter Sale plus extra 50% off with code "BREXTRA50"

50% off Winter Sale (60% off in store) and 30% off select spring styles

Old Navy:
Mega sale, up to 75% in store and 60% off online. Plus earn "Super Cash."

Kate Spade:
Take 25% off sale items with code "DECEMBER25"

J.Crew Factory:
50% off EVERYTHING plus extra 25% off clearance with code "SALE25"

Nordstrom is having their semi-annual sale currently and there are great finds up to 60% off (I'm looking at you Kate Spade bag and Hunters...)

What is your favorite thing to shop for after the holidays?

Christmas Eve Festivities!

You guys, I seriously cannot believe it is already Christmas Eve, it seems like just last week I was in Ohio for Thanksgiving! So I had this whole outfit planned out and everything, but we have so much company at our house right now that I can't take pictures today. D: So I figured I'd Polyvore it for you guys and just show what I'm planning on wearing.

Today I have a lot of plans, like I said, we have company...I have a few presents that still need wrapping, and church service/ a party with my boyfriend and his family. Whew. Everything is always so much fun leading up to the big morning! :)

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren \\ Tank Top: J.Crew Factory \\ Jeans: J.Crew \\ Shoes: Gap \\ Clutch: C. Wonder \\ Necklace: J.Crew \\ Bow: Anchors Away Bows

I figured this outfit would be good for todays plans. It's dressy enough for our church and for a party, yet casual enough for hanging out with the family. (And festive with the sparkles :D) 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays! :)

What's your Christmas Eve or Holiday plans (and your go-to outfit for that)?

My Christmas Wish-List

I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping and the only present I have left to buy on my Christmas shopping list is my mothers. I feel bad, I was planning on going and getting it this week but I haven't been able to since I've had the flu...hopefully I'll be feeling better before Christmas so I can go get that! 

Anyways, I've seen (and made) a lot of Christmas gift ideas post, but I thought it would be fun if I showed ya'll what's on my Christmas list this year! 

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year? 

Sick Day... :(

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I posted this outfit a few days ago, I'm really glad I took pictures though because otherwise I wouldn't have a blog post for today. I started feeling bad on Tuesday, and then found out today that I have the flu. :( (which is why I've been kind of late on this post and not posting anything on other social media...sorry!)

Flu+Architecture project due tomorrow = not fun at all and the doctor was all like "At least you should be over it by Christmas." I seriously hate being sick. I look and feel horrible and my days have consisted of bundling up under my cover. Ugh...at least after today I won't have to worry about school for two weeks. 

Anyways I'll try an post as much as I can but until then enjoy my outfit (I was quite proud of myself for putting together this one :D)

Shoes: Target \\ Jeans: Old \\ Belt: Old \\ Necklace: Kohl's \\ Bracelet: Kohl's \\ Cardigan: Roommate's... :) \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory

I definitely felt like I was wearing every single one of this seasons trends all at once: oxblood, leopard, and chambray...which is why I liked this outfit so much I think. 

What are your favorite trends this fall/winter?

December Julep Box

So I'm definitely a little late on my December Julep box post, but that's because it came in like the day classes started and I haven't been home. :/ I had to get my boyfriend to go pick it up, but it was worth the wait! 

This box came with an eyeshadow palette and two awesome nail polishes (one is going to be for Christmas and one for new years)


Mia is a fine silvery glitter polish and Jillian is a dark glittery burgundy (speaking of Burgundy...Anchorman 2 comes out tomorrow...). I was so happy when I saw them because I thought that the burgundy would be perfect for Christmas and the silver awesome for New Years Eve (my 22nd birthday!! AHHH)

The eyeshadow pallette is another gem I'll be enjoying this Christmas break. They're soft neutrals so they create a very natural look, so if you're going for a more dramatic look this is not the one for you. But it's small enough to keep in your purse and great everyday colors! I'll definitely be using it for Christmas Eve service! :)

Also, check out my NYE dress I just ordered from Modcloth!! I'm super excited about it and I can't wait until it arrives! Let me know what you think of it or styling suggestions! :)

What nail colors are your favorite nail colors during the holidays?

Holiday Must Have: Festive Candles

Candles are seriously a must have for the season, I usually have one in the living room and on my nightstand at all times, but during the holiday season I really get obsessed with them. They just make the whole apartment smell so festive! 

I figured for today's post I would show you guys some of my favorites. (P.S. it's the Yankee Candle in "Fresh Balsam.") I'm pretty sure I love candles this time of year so much because it's such a distinct memory as a kid. My mom used to always burn that balsam Yankee Candle and it would make the whole house smell great. Whenever I smell candles like that now it's so cozy and comfortable. There really is nothing better than being home for the holidays :)

Bath and Body works seriously has some great candles year round and the holidays is no exception. These are my favorite affordable candles (they usually have 2 for $20 deals on the big ones! So stock up!). I know the Kate Spade candle isn't technically a holiday candle...but a gold polka dot candle sitting out during the holidays? Yes please! And the Ralph Lauren one is to die for! I love the tartan packaging... I feel like I would keep the packaging out on display too with the candle!! :)

What are your favorite scents during the holidays?  

10 Gift Ideas for $10 or Less

I'm one of those people that takes gift giving way too far, sometimes I feel like I have to get a great gift for everyone...or if I see something in store that's just so them, I'll get it. This year I'm trying to control myself more, and set a price limit. ($20-$30 for my close friends and family)

I've had to learn that it isn't about how much you spend, but the thought of getting them something they'll love. For the bookworm, a those Kate Spade bookmarks would be perfect, and eyeshadow palette or lip gloss trio for the makeup junkie, a candle for that friend that always has one burning, or a bow for the girly prepster on your list. 

For those of you that like having a gift for everyone, here's 10 great gift ideas under $10 to make everyone on your list feel special without breaking the bank...

Also, these are some great stocking stuffers as well! :)

The earrings I cheated on a little...they're actually $11...but the code "12days" at J.Crew Factory can make them under $10 so that counts right? (Finding great gifts under $10 is hard ya'll) Also, don't forget to use "CampusRepCourtney" on your Anchors Away Bows purchase for 10% off! :)

What are your ideas to make everyone feel special during the holiday season?

Hot Pink Sweater Weather

8 am classes sucks, even when they're something fun like bowling. Sigh...oh well at least it's a great GPA booster (thats what I'm telling myself.)

This outfit was actually from yesterday, because when I have early classes I don't look so hot (long sleeve t-shirts are kind of the best thing ever!)...I've been wanting to wear this sweater for a while but just didn't really have the weather or outfit, though yesterday was perfect. It was one of those days where it was chilly, but the sun was out so it wasn't super cold...it was nice not to have to wear boots for a change.   

I'm usually not a fan of pink (of any kind), especially hot pink...but for some reason this season I've been loving it. It's so bright and fun. I liked my leopard and tortoiseshell pairings with it (because those are basically neutrals right?), and it's definitely a color combination that I'll have to keep in mind, especially when the weather warms up. :)

Sweater: J.Crew Factory \\ Shoes: Target \\ Jeans: Old \\ Bracelet: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory \\ Necklace: Kohls 

What colors have you been loving this season? 

Gift Ideas for the Best Friend

Here is the second installment of my Holiday Gift Guide! It's seriously getting close to Christmas...it seems like it totally snuck up too (at least for me...)! I guess that's what happens when you start a quarter between holiday breaks and have to get a TON done in 2 1/2 weeks! :/

Anyways, here's my top ten gift ideas for those special girls in your life...enjoy! :)

*Sorry! The Brooks Brothers Bow Bracelet is actually $58, though the Vickers bows on the website are only $40....

What's your favorite gift you've received from a friend?

Preppy Promotions #3

With holiday shopping in full swing, I figured I'd create another installment of Preppy Promotions. There's a ton of really great sales going on right now... check them out! :)

1. J.Crew Factory \\ 40%-60% off everything plus 20% off with code "12days"

2. Brooks Brothers \\ 20% off your purchase

3. Old Navy \\ Up to 50% off

4. Gap \\ 30% off your purchase with code "JustforU"

5. Banana Republic \\ 40% off your purchase with code "BRTreat"

6. Express \\ Best of winter sale of 40% off

7. L.L. Bean \\ $10 gift card with $50 or more purchase

8. Anchors Away Bows \\ 10% off with code "CampusRepCourtney"

Have you gotten all your holiday shopping done? 

Winter Layers

I have a bad case of the Monday's y'all...and it's only my first Monday of the quarter! D:

But only two more weeks until Christmas break...I can do this...

Anyways, today is a cold rainy day, so I bundled up in layers for class (having to walk across campus sucks in the cold.) I've had my yellow coat for a few years now and I occasionally wear it, I just felt like I needed something bright and happy for this cold, rainy, Monday. Sigh...

Jeans: Old \\ Coat: Old \\ Necklace: Express \\ Boots: L.L. Bean \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Shirt: Old Navy \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory

What's your go-to outfit to brighten up your Monday?

Best Holiday Dresses from Modcloth

Looking for that perfect holiday dress? Try checking out Modcloth. I love their selection of dresses and they get so many so fast that it's always changing. Also it's fairly affordable (all these dresses are under $200 and some are under $75). 

Anyways, I have been looking for a great holiday dress that isn't too expensive for the holidays this year, and have loved looking through the Modcloth website. Here are my favorite picks! :)

*This is NOT a sponsored post

I seriously cannot pick my favorite, and while I haven't found an event to go to (other than Christmas Eve service) for Christmas, I'm definitely on the lookout for a great NYE dress....since it is my birthday and all!! :D :D

What's your favorite holiday look? 

Gifts Ideas for the Boyfriend

I decided to start a mini-series this week on gift ideas, the first post is ideas for a boyfriend (or any guy friend I guess), then ideas for friends, moms, and dads are in the works! So keep checking back!

Anyways, buying presents for my boyfriend always seems like the hardest, basically because he's still in school so his parents generally support him and because what they don't get him that he wants is super expensive and way out of my budget for the time being (like Xbox stuff, wakeboard stuff, etc.). 

This year I'm getting him pajama pants (those ones from J.Crew) and possibly the flask though all these are great gifts for your man. 

Flask: J.Crew Factory \\ Sunglasses: Ray Ban \\ Hat: Ralph Lauren \\ Bracelet: Keil James Patrick for Brooks Brothers \\ Book: Brooks Brothers \\ Pajama Pants: J.Crew Factory

What are you getting the special guys in your life this holiday season? 

Anchors Away Bows Review

So a couple weeks ago Morgan from Anchors Away Bows let me pick out this adorable bow! (Thanks!) I never have been one to wear bows in my hair, but I liked how these are like barrettes because I do sometimes like to pull my hair back (like on bad hair days... :D). 

I thought this bow would be the perfect holiday accessory, but I unfortunately didn't get a chance to wear it until yesterday because the weather has been so warm! (Check out yesterday's outfit of the day for more on how I styled it!) 

Anyways, I was surprised by how much I liked it! It's the perfect size, not too big or small, and adds a little preppy flair to any outfit! (I also liked how it matched my tartan rain boots :D) The barrette stayed in my hair well throughout the day as well, which is a problem I run into sometimes because my hair is so thick, so I was super impressed with that.

These bows are a great way to dress up an outfit, and they'll look adorable all year round (I'm thinking pastels for spring?), I seriously cannot wait to add this bow to all my holiday outfits and events because the sparkly tartan is perfect for Christmas! Also the prices range from $3-$6, which is a great deal, especially for how well they're made. They would make perfect stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts for friends...or birthday gift for me! ;) 

Here are a few of my other favorites (other than the one I already have...). The plaid bow is perfect for the fall/winter time, especially during this holiday season and the hunter green one is a great classic color that will go with a lot. I'm a super republican person so I generally love anything with the elephant or some support for the GOP (which is why I have my elephant Lilly planner :D ), but if you're a lefty there's a democrat bow too! :)

Also keep checking their website for new collections, bows, etc! And use code "CampusRepCourtney" for 10% off your purchase! :)

What's your favorite bow?

It's Snowing in the South! :)

Well...kind of. We're getting a few flurries...which is basically snowing right? Lucky I wore my super festive Christmas-y outfit today! :)

I loved wearing my new bow so thanks Anchors Away Bow for that! And be sure to check out my review on them tomorrow! :)

Sweater: Old Navy \\ Boots: Ralph Lauren \\ Jeans: Old \\ Bow: Anchors Away Bows (Similar) \\ Necklace: C. Wonder

What are your favorite things to wear during the holidays? 

Perfectly Preppy School Supplies

School just started back for me (I'm on the quarter system), but I realize that most of ya'll are taking finals right now...which is why I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share my perfectly preppy school supplies picks to help get through.

I'm such a nerd, but my favorite part of school starting back is getting to get new supplies and organize my notebooks and agenda and such. (totally spent a good part of yesterday writing all the due dates in my agenda!)

I seriously use my agenda everyday, it definitely helps me stay organized and up to date on what I have to do, along with that I love having a daily to-do list as well. "The Long List" by Kate Spade is seriously the perfect one, I've been using it every night to list what needs to get done the next day.

Especially in winter quarter, I like taking coffee from my Keurig to class every morning, having a thermal mug is really handy and this one from Kate Spade is adorable! 

Notebooks for each class is another must for me, especially since I take notes in every class and I like to keep them organized. Check out these adorable ones from Poppin. 

Also, I have a thing with pens. I don't know what it is but they have to write perfectly by my standards for me to use them. It may be architecture school, but I love the Papermate Flair pens as they write smooth and have a good line-weight to them. (Also they come in a bunch of really fun colors!) The Jonathan Adler highlighters are super cute and a must for a college student. 

I've definitely had pens leak all over my bag (ugh.), which is why this adorable Lilly pencil pouch is a must! And I always lose my USB drive, I love having a cute one on my key ring so I always have it. (Plus...it's an ANCHOR!! :D )

Anyways, I hope my picks help make your finals week a little easier, or if you're just starting like me I hope they help you get off to a good start! :)

Some more of my favorites: 

What are your school supply must haves? 

Warm First Day of Winter Quarter

The weather here is seriously crazy...not that I'm complaining though. I was perfectly fine with the high of 77 and sunny for my first trek across campus in the new quarter. 

Anyways, I chose a cute, comfy outfit that was perfect for the spring-y weather...without looking like I'm on spring break (it is still DECEMBER after all...)

It was nice not having to bundle up, yet still getting to come home to a cozy apartment and our newly decorated Christmas trees...ya'll this is why I love holidays in the south...

Jeans: Marshall's \\ Shoes: Target \\ Blouse: H&M \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory \\ Necklace: C. Wonder

What's your go-to outfit on warm winter days? 

What I Want Right Now: Socks! :)

Ya'll, I have seriously been loving cute pairs of socks lately. I feel like I just can't get enough! I don't know why, but I love having an adorable pair on with boots...even though people cant see them...and I've been loving having an adorable pair on to sleep in. 

Anyways, check out my perfectly preppy picks! :)

1. Ralph Lauren \\ 2. J.Crew Factory \\ 3. Ralph Lauren \\ 4. Kate Spade \\ 5. Old Navy

I have the tartan Ralph Lauren ones, and I love them! The trouser socks are the perfect size for riding boots. I also LOVE the fair isle ones, but basically because I've been loving everything fair isle this season...wouldn't they look cute peeking out of some Bean Boots? I just had to include the fuzzy socks too, I don't wear them out but I basically live in them in the winter... :)

I've also been getting a lot of my ankle socks at Old Navy (I couldn't find them on the website to show you though...), they seriously have the cutest pairs for $2!!

What are your favorite socks in the wintertime?

Holiday Outfit Ideas

With only 3 weeks until Christmas (woah...), there is a lot to do! Christmas shopping, looking at lights, parties, etc. I figured I'd make a few outfit ideas for all your holiday occasions! I don't know about you but I seriously cannot wait for all the festivities! :)

1.  Sweater: Old Navy \\ Shirt: J.Crew \\ Vest: J.Crew \\ Jeans: J.Crew \\ Loafers: J.Crew \\ Bag: Coach \\ Necklace: J.Crew

2.  Sweater: J.Crew \\ Shirt: J.Crew \\ Coat: J.Crew \\ Skirt: J.Crew \\ Tights: Gap \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Bag: Coach \\ Earrings: J.Crew \\ Necklace: J.Crew \\ Belt: Kate Spade

3.  Dress: J.Crew \\ Coat: Kate Spade \\ Shoes: Piperlime \\ Bracelet: Macy's \\ Earrings: Kate Spade \\ Necklace: J.Crew \\ iPhone Case: Kate Spade \\ Belt: Kate Spade \\ Clutch: Nordstrom

What events do you have planned this holiday season?

Chambray and Christmas Shopping!

I'm so glad I convinced my family to just drive all the way through yesterday! As much fun as I had on my trip, it was so nice to just wake up in my own bed and not have to bundle up! Yep, it was a nice 65 degrees out... :)

Anyways, I ran a few errands today, I picked up the last few things for my friends Christmas presents. I wrapped them and everything so they'd be all ready to give to them before I leave school for break! I feel very accomplished today... heck yes!

Jeans: Old \\ Shoes: Target \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory \\ Necklace: C. Wonder

Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done?

November 2013 As Seen Through Instagram

I seriously cannot believe that it's December! I'm back home from my trip and about to head back to college (we drove 16 hours last night...straight.), and it seems like Thanksgiving went too fast!

This month was a pretty fun one, finals took up the first two weeks and I was scrambling a bit then, but I got to have a long Thanksgiving break and go visit family up in Ohio. I also got to see real snow for the first time and that was pretty cool (no pun intended ;) ). 

Anyways, check out my month through Instagram! And if you don't already...follow me! :)

This month I got to see real snow for the first time, I overhauled the blog layout (I like the new one so much better), I got to go into a Kate Spade store (we don't have one around here... :( ), I found an awesome Christmas sweater, and I wore that dang pearl necklace a ton! (I love it)

How was your November? And what are you looking forward to this December?

November 2013 Favorites

This month went by so fast! I seriously cannot believe it's almost December. I sat down last night to plan out blog posts and could not believe that it was already time for favorites again!

The beginning of the month was super stressful with finals and such, but then I got to travel and that was super fun! I guess because I've been busy with school and then living out of a suitcase I don't have as many favorites this month, but here's what I've been obsessing over in November! Enjoy! :)

1. Everett Field Jacket \\ I had my eye on this since August and finally purchased it in October. I didn't really get to wear it all that much then because it was still a little warm. I definitely got my wear in November though! Up here in Ohio I've been wearing it almost every day and having fun layering it over outfits. It's the perfect casual jacket!

2. Mophie Juice Pack \\ The girl at Verizon told me this this holds FOUR charges...yeah it totally doesn't...but it does hold one, which is double was I normally have. It seemed like this month with finals/traveling that I was always making sure this was charged up. It's great when you're going to be out for a while or when your on your phone a lot (like online shopping during 6 hour critiques...).

3. Pearls and Bauble Necklace \\ I've seriously been wearing the heck out of this necklace (if you follow me on Instagram you already know this! haha), I had been seeing these everywhere and LOVING them, however they were always super expensive. I found this one at Express for $35 (right now it's on sale for like $17!), and thought it was very reasonably priced. It looks just as good as the more expensive ones and I can't wait to dress it up for the holidays! :)

4. Bean Boots \\ I got these at the end of October, and I loved them then...but I have really gotten to use them this month with being up north and what not. I totally realized how great they are in the snow when trudging through a few inches of it (which is totally a blizzard I don't care what ya'll say up here). I definitely almost busted my butt in my riding boots, so I guess ya'll can have that hilarious mental picture, and after that it was Bean Boots all the way. 

5. Julep Lip Gloss \\ I got one of these in my Julep box last month (mine is in "Glowing") and it has stayed in my purse every since. I love the consistency and taste of it and it stays on for a while. I have a thing with sticky lip gloss, and this one isn't sticky at all and goes on great!

What are your favorite things this month?

New C.Wonder Tote

I love how when I'm up north, I have a ton of different stores to shop in. We don't have a C.Wonder anywhere near my hometown, however I was able to go to one in Ohio and grab my adorable tote bag that I've been eyeing for a while. 

I've been needing a new bag to keep my school stuff in on my way to class. I used to have a Vera Bradley tote that I likes, but I felt it was a little small and one of my pens bled in it... :/ (Which reminds me, I need to look for cute pencil pouches...)

Anyways, I like having a purse-type bag for class because I often need to run into the bookstore, library, etc... and I always eat lunch on campus so I don't like rummaging through my backpack for my keys and money and stuff AND I don't like carrying multiple bags...it's too much for me to keep track of. 

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post.

So when I saw this bag at C.Wonder I was super excited. I had been looking at canvas ones from L.L. Bean...which are great, but in my opinion they look more summery and I feel like I would get it dirty really easily. I also liked the Longchamp ones, but these C.Wonder ones are comparable at a much better price point.

I chose to get the navy in the regular size (they also have a mini). I felt that the navy one is a great year round color, though I LOVE the herringbone one.

It fits my computer (which I will sometimes bring with me to studio when I need dual screens), and is large enough to fit any books, notebooks, and supplied I may need to class. I also like how it has the pockets for my phone and purse-type things so I don't have to rummage around for it, a problem I had with my Vera Bradley...the pockets were TOO deep on the front so it was a hassle pulling out my card to pay for lunch.

All in all, I LOVE my new bag and thought I would share it with you guys! If you need an affordable tote that is easy to clean this one is a great option at $78! Also for Black Friday if you buy 3 or more items you get 30% off, which is what I did making the tote only $55.

What kind of bag do you prefer for toting around books/supplies to class? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! So yesterday my brother showed me this awesome video that he and my cousin made while we were out shopping! Pretty cool huh? Especially for a 12 and 10 year old.

Anyway, dinner with the family was fun. I basically slept all day and woke up for dinner because I think I'm getting sick. :(

I'm not going to let that stop me for Black Friday!! Here's my Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping outfit (because I wear it through the night...I'm not gross I promise!).

Jeans: Old \\ Necklace: C.Wonder \\ Shoes: Tory Burch \\ Shirt: H&M \\ Bracelet: Polo Factory

How was your Thanksgiving? 

Black Friday Deal Guide 2013!

Ya'll I'm so freakin' pumped about Black Friday. It's been a tradition to go out every year, and while I'm not the one pushing people out of the way and waiting in line for hours...there is something thrilling about going out with friends in the middle of the night shopping!

So without further ado...I present Daughter of a Son of a Sailor's First Annual BLACK FRIDAY Deal Guide!! (Wow that was a mouthful...guess I'll have to shorten it for next year... ;) )

1. Old Navy \\ 50% off the entire store and up to 50% off online

2. Anchors Away Bows \\ 30% off all bows plus free mini bow with purchase. Also customers get entered to win Vineyard Vines gear with purchase (Use "CampusRepCourtney" in order notes and Black Friday Promo code posted Thursday night for all deals) 

3. Julep \\ Free iPhone case and exclusive nail polish with $20 order

4. Express \\ 50% off everything until noon Friday

5. Banana Republic Outlet \\ 50% off everything plus extra 10% with e-mail coupon

6. Ralph Lauren Factory Stores \\ 40% off storewide plus 15% off with student ID

7. New York and Company \\ 50%-70% off entire store, plus first 100 people get a surprise gift card of up to $100

8. J.Crew \\ 30% off everything (with code "holiday" online) (also extra 15% with student ID)

9. J.Crew Factory \\ 50% off everything (also extra 15% with student ID)

10. C. Wonder \\ 30% off 3 or more items with code "GIFTS30" in-store and online

Happy shopping! What deals are you most looking forward to?

J.Crew Factory Winter Picks

Good Morning all! I'm super excited because tomorrow I get to go to J.Crew! We don't have one for miles, and I'd rather shop in the store than online...so getting to go to one is a treat! 

With Black Friday coming and a ton of sales going on, I was perusing their website last night and thought I'd share with you my list of winter favorites! 

Flannel Button Down \\ I need some button downs that aren't blue/cool toned (I'm not sure how but all my button downs are blue or white...oops) and this one is great. I love J.Crew shirts the best and flannel is so warm and cozy in the winter.

Scarf \\ Love this scarf, I've been wanting an infinity scarf, they're getting so popular. A navy and white striped one is so classic and would go with nearly everything!

Bow Sweater \\ I have a slight obsession with sweaters (especially sweaters layered over button downs...hello warm). I think this one is adorable and great for the holiday season with the cute bow on it! :)

Fair Isle Sweater \\ This one has been on my wish-list for a while. I've been obsessed with fair isle sweaters! They look so classic and cozy! :)

Peacoat \\ I've had my eye on this peacoat for a while! I've been waning a new one! :) The green and pink ones are adorable too!

Vest \\ Love, love, love, this herringbone vest! There are so many possibilities with it! Maybe it will be in my store since it is sold out online... :(

Sequin Skirt \\ Love this for the holidays or a fun going out skirt! Imagine all the possibilities with fun tights! 

Pajamas \\ A cozy pair of cute pajamas is a must this winter. I just love this set from J.Crew. I've had my eye on it for a while and I'm hoping it'll be on sale this Black Friday! :)

Loafers \\ LOVE loafers this season! These navy ones would go with so much too! :)

Necklace \\ A jewel toned statement necklace would go with so much during the winter. And it would be a perfect piece to dress up holiday outfits. Plus, it would be a great transition piece in the spring/summer. 

What's your favorite J.Crew Factory items for the wintertime?