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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Unfortunately this year Halloween is a week before my final project is due, so I will probably be doing a whole lot of nothing this year. :( 

But I thought I'd put together a cute Halloween inspired outfit...Enjoy! :)

Sweater: J.Crew \\ Vest: J.Crew \\ Purse: Kate Spade \\ Earrings: Kate Spade \\ Shoes: Charlotte Russe \\ Jeans: J.Crew \\ Scarf: J.Crew

What are you doing this Halloween?

October Favorites 2013

October has been a really busy month for me, right in the middle of the quarter I'm kind of having to deal with both midterms, and studying for finals all with in a few weeks (just a few more months until graduation...whew).

Anyways, I thought I'd do a post showing the things that I've been loving this month! Can't believe it's already almost November! :)

1. Chambray \\ I've seriously been wearing the heck out of my chambray shirt this month. It's such a great trend for fall, and a classic style.

2. Vests \\ I've only gotten to wear mine a few times, but I love my quilted vest. I was actually really surprised at how warm it kept me despite not having sleeves. It's great for chilly mornings where it gets a bit warmer in the afternoon or layered when it's super cold.

3. Rainboots \\ Since having to walk 10 minutes to class, especially through gravel parking lots (ugh.), rainboots are definitely a must! I love my tartan Ralph Lauren ones and have especially enjoyed finding new things to pair them with this fall!

4. Keurig \\ This one is actually my roommates, but it has seriously been a necessity since having an 8 am and it being chilly outside. I never really realized how awesome they are until I grabbed a case of the mini cappuccinos and was able to make them before class in the morning!

5. Oxblood Nails \\ This is seriously my favorite color this fall. I want oxblood everything: pants, sweaters, etc. Nails are a great way to wear this trend and there are so many polishes to choose from!

6. Plaid \\ This is such a quintessential fall trend, and I've been loving my plaid button down this month. Wearing it on its own or layering it, it looks great no matter what! :)

7. Yankee Candle \\ This is on my monthly favorites because it is basically the smell that defines fall for me. My mother used to always have one of these candles burning in "Home Sweet Home," and whenever I burn mine it makes the apartment smell so cozy.

8. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda \\ I'm so glad I got this in August, I seriously don't know what I'd do without it. I have used it literally everyday and it's been a lifesaver having everything I need to do in one place during this super busy month!

What was your favorite things this month?

Mint and Polka Dots!

Hey guys, sorry I was MIA yesterday. I literally got ONE hour of sleep. :/ I had something due in every class...it was a rough day. Anyways, so when I got home at five I basically crashed!

So do you like my shirt? Yeah...I got it while on a procrastinating shopping trip this weekend. IT WAS ONLY $5!!!! I was super excited... (the all nighter was so worth it, kind of).

Necklace: Kohl's || Shoes: Steve Madden (Similar) || Jeans: Marshall's || Shirt: Old Navy (Sorry I couldn't find the link on the site, but they may still have some in stores)

Best Fall Nail Polishes!

One of my favorite things about the new fashion seasons is all the new makeup and nail polish collections that come out. Here's a look at my favorite from Fall 2013. The trends I'm loving are all the deep blues and reds as well as the metallic golds. 

What are your favorite fall nail colors?

Warm Fall Day

Today is a gorgeous day! The temperature is perfect and the sun is shining...ahh. Too bad I'm inside working on homework. Never-the-less, I was happy to not have a cold morning then warmer afternoon...

Since it's October, I didn't want my outfit to look too summery, nor too dressy since it's just a working/class day. I love how I found a way to dress down my sequin tank top! (Seriously, if you don't have something with sequins on it...go get something right now!)

I feel like I could totally wear this outfit in the spring with white jeans as well.

Cardigan: Old Navy || Shoes: Steve Madden || Jeans: Old || Necklace: Charming Charlie's || Bracelet: Kohl's || Shirt: Old Navy

Current TV Show's I'm Loving: October 2013

So I'm super tired today, why? Because I was going to watch Supernatural with my boyfriend last night  and we HAD to finish the season. Worth it. So it gave me the idea to do my favorite TV shows that I'd recommend.

I RARELY watch TV on actual TV (except for like, the news)...Netflix is kind of awesome, if you don't have it...go get it now! I really love it when I'm up late working on projects...I have my work on my iMac and Netflix on my MacBook.

Here's my list:

1. Supernatural // This is actually kind of an odd show for me to watch...namely because I'm the one hidden behind pillows during horror movie...if I'm roped into watching them. Seriously...I REFUSE to go see any scary movies with friends at the theater...it's bad...I'm a giant chicken. 

I started watching it because my friends did and I've been hearing a bunch about it...plus I like to have shows that I'm working on, especially to have when I'm drafting, modeling, etc...since that's long part of projects that just mindless busy work.

I JUST finished season 1 yesterday (y'all there's a ton!), which is great because I'm sure it will take me forever to finish and I'm seriously one of those people who will finish a show in like a week, then be all sad when it's over. Netflix makes me watch shows like I read books. It makes me sad. 

I'm sure y'all that have seen it are like "Season 1...seriously?" but for those who haven't GO WATCH IT!! It's amazing! Also, all the classic rock music is definitely a bonus!

2. Parks and Recreation // I actually started this one last year, but hadn't gotten to see the new season. But it's totally on Netflix though! It's *literally* hilarious. This is more my typical show I watch, and I started this one about being sad I watched all the Office. I thought it was just going to be kind of a knock off, but it's super good. I'm almost through with the new season though... :(

3. How I Met Your Mother // I love this show, it's so hilarious and endearing. I actually finished the new season on Netflix in one busy weekend...oops. I'm usually not a huge fan of SitComs like this but this one is great. I love how quirky they are and sometimes they remind me of my group of friends a little too much....especially Marshall. 

What's your favorite shows right now?

Essentials of A Preppy Home: Flowers!

Today I was playing with my Sony point-and-shoot camera and photoshop trying to make the pictures look more professional. I really like how they came out! Makes me want to photograph a bunch of spaces in my apartment...just not the kitchen until I do the dishes...haha.

Well I also decided to start a new series on my blog, about decorating. My apartment is a work-in-progress, and while it is a college kids apartment,  I like having a nice place to walk into. One of the things that really brightens my day is having flowers around. I think that can really add a lot to a space!

The top picture above is taken from my nightstand. Unfortunately I'd probably just let real flowers die, and it would get expensive to contantly buy them, so I found some nice fake ones at Hobby Lobby. I put the ones on my nightstand in a milk jar and the ones in my living room in a blue mason jar...I LOVE mason jars! 

Finding a creative "vase" and playing with the fake flowers at craft stores until you get a great arrangement is a really inexpensive way to take your space up a notch, and it instantly makes a room so much more bright and cheerful! :)

What are your favorite flowers to keep around?

Busy, Busy Day...

I've been so stressed lately y'all, we literally have three weeks (well 2 1/2 now) to design an entire building! :O Plus all the other stuff for classes I have! On the upside, next quarter I won't have class until 11 everyday....heck yeah!

Anyways, enough of my ramblings, I love my outfit today! I love how since having this blog, I actively come up with new ways to use my wardrobe so I can post it...so thank you, world...for making me not be lazy when I pick out clothes. I also realize, that I may need to start getting things that aren't shades of blue...oops. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy todays outfit! :)

Shirt: Old || Jeans: Old || Shoes: Steve Madden || Bracelet: Polo Ralph Lauren || Necklace: Kohl's || Belt: Old Navy || Cardigan: J.Crew Factory

What's in My Bag...Makeup Edition

I love "What's in my bag posts," however my actual purse that I use everyday is pretty boring... So I thought I would do a post of what's in my makeup bag! Which is basically my favorite everyday makeup staples. I'm a big believer in investing in quality. I feel like I look so much better wearing a few great products than a bunch of different ones from the drugstore... not that there's not great things to be found there but that's a post for a different day! 

I like being able to do my makeup quickly and I like going out for the day with a clean fresh look. Most days I end up going to class bare faced (but never without mascara!), but here's my very favorite staples when my face needs a little pick-me-up, and the base to any other makeup look I create. 

Enjoy! :)

Nars Sheer Matte Foundation \\ This is my very favorite foundation, I also use it as concealer since it's so build-able. I love the finish it gives, I'm not a big fan of matte finishes because I think it can look really caked on. Usually when I wear it I just use a little under my eye and to cover up, but I'll use it on my full face for nighttime looks.
Note: Be sure to spend the extra four-ish dollars on the pump! I didn't on my first bottle and regret it! Definitely won't make that mistake again! 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum (Similar) \\ When I've had a sleepless night of working, I'll use this under my eyes and on my cheekbones to wake my face up. It looks really natural and goes a really long ways. The bottle I have is actually pretty old (I think I got it last year...), but the link I gave is the updated version. 

Nars Illuminator in Laguna \\ I have this in two colors, but the bronzy Laguna one is my favorite. I use it to add a bit of light and color to my face after foundation etc. I occasionally wear blush, but I think this can double as a bronzer/blush for me. I have a pretty dark complexion naturally so it works well. The other colors would be great everyday staples for lighter skinned gals. 

Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer \\ This is definitely a staple for me! I have gone through countless bottles and this is the best! Since I usually don't wear eyeliner on a daily basis, putting this on makes my mascara go on better, look more natural, and gives my lashes more length and volume. It can really brighten up your eyes and face!

Benefit BAGgal Lash Mascara \\ I generally don't stick with one brand of mascara, especially since it goes the fastest, however I have gotten this one quite a few times and it has a great consistency and goes on well. 

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked \\ This is definitely my favorite lip gloss. The consistency is great (I can't do sticky...), it has a fresh feel and smell and it's a great sheer neutral color that is the perfect basic lip gloss. It says it plumps your lips too (which is I think where the minty feel/taste comes from) but I kinda think that is kind of gimmicky... 

Chanel Chance \\ This has been my go-to perfume for a while now, I think I'm on my third bottle... and while there's tons I'd love to try (Kate Spade "Live Colorfully"), I will probably always come back to this one.

Kate Spade Bag \\ Isn't it cute! :)

What's your favorite makeup essentials? 

Preppy Fall/Winter Essentials

To complement my summer essentials, I figured I'd do a post on preppy fall/winter essentials to build a classic and timeless wardrobe. For these posts I try to find items that aren't "trendy," but are the basis for my wardrobe...or for what I hope it will be, it's still a work in progress what can I say? ;)

Enjoy! :) 

1. Coat // A peacoat is a classic style that is very versatile. It can be dressed up or down really easily. Try an get a neutral color like black, navy blue, or camel so it will literally go with everything! 

2. Scarf // Of course a cute scarf is a winter essential. I think scarves are great layers that can really complete an outfit in the winter, plus they're super comfy. For timeless pieces, get a few solid color ones in neutrals and a tartan print. 

3. Blazer // I LOVE blazers, they're one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, they really dress up a casual outfit and they're usually pretty figure flattering. Tweed and houndstooth ones are classic prints as well as black, navy blue, and deep green for fall and winter. My favorite are the Ralph Lauren ones with the crest on the chest...so classy.

4. Rainboots // Investing in a good pair of rainboots is a must for a wardrobe. I hate wearing my regular shoes on rainy days, especially in the winter when it's wet and cold. Ick. :/ For my favorite rain boots check out this post.

5. Oxfords // A crisp oxford in neutral colors is a must! They're great for layering and wearing on their own and they can be dressed up or down. I'm currently working on expanding my collection... ;)

6. Gloves // I have a pair of black leather Ralph Lauren gloves that I've had for years and I love them on cold days. Leather gloves is truly an essential. I don't like the fabric ones because they can get all wet and cold, plus the leather ones are thick and the inside of mine are super soft... :)

7. Cable Knit Sweater // Another must have for fall/winter. They're great by themselves or layers over a button down. My favorite are the Polo ones, I only have one currently but I plan on expanding my collection.

8. Jeans // A great pair of jeans is a must in any wardrobe, but I wear jeans all the time in the fall and winter. J.Crew's and Express' are my favorite place for jeans. 

9. Riding Boots // I LOVE my riding boots. I wear them all the time in the winter. They're so flattering and look so classic and preppy. I currently have a pair of light brown leather ones, but I also love the two tone ones. 

10. Cable Knit Boot Socks // I'm still trying to find a great pair of thick cable knit boot socks, so let me know if you guys know of any. :) I love the look of them poking through riding boots and they look so comfy and warm...which is why I'm adding a neutral color to my essentials list!

What are your fall/winter essentials? 

Breaking Out the Riding Boots!

Y'all, so I was SO PATHETIC today! My boyfriend and I had date night planned all week, so we drive 30 minutes to go out to a nice dinner and on the way back we talked about how we could see a movie, carve pumpkins, etc...we went to his apartment, watched T.V., and I fell asleep... at 10pm then he took me home a few hours later. School is seriously kicking my butt! 

Anyways, I was so excited for it to be cool enough to wear my riding boots! I got them last year for Christmas and I wore them so much last year I had to get the zipper replaced this summer...oops. I was also excited to find a way to wear my mint jeans that didn't look too summery. :)

Boots: Piperlime || Jeans:  Marshall's || Shirt: Old Navy || Belt: Old || Bracelet: Ralph Lauren

What I Want Right Now: Corduroy Jeans

I love all the soft and cozy textures of fall and winter. Spring and summer is awesome, but the colder  months are definitely the time to play with texture and layers! Which is why I'm dying for a pair of corduroy skinny jeans!

I found a great pair at J.Crew that I'm going to have to pick up next time I'm near one (hopefully they still have them...), but Gap has some too although sometimes they don't fit me as well.

Here they are in navy...ugh LOVE THEM!

I love the Oxblood ones too, however that's a super popular color this season! I want everything in it!!
I love all the layers in this outfit, I could totally see myself cozying up by the fire sipping apple cider in this. Sigh...

Sweater: J.Crew Factory || Pants: J.Crew Factory || Shoes: Forever 21 || Black Bangle: J.Crew || Silver Bangle: Kate Spade

That Feeling of Wearing New Clothes for the First Time

I have a love/hate relationship with ordering things online. I love the convenience...and I hate waiting. The thing is, we don't have a J.Crew any where near where I live, in fact, the closest one is four hours away. D: 

Luckily I've shopped there enough on trips that I pretty much know my size. I've been eyeing this jacket for a while now, and last weekend they had a great sale on it (originally $125...I got it for $60). I also got a chambray dot shirt (my Old Navy one shrunk like 4" and then they didn't have my size when I went to get another one...it was a very sad day), and a pair of tights. They were for my 1920's party...and super cute.

I honestly didn't think I would be able to wear my jacket for a while, but it was really chilly this morning! I was super excited. Check out my legit fall outfit (no shorts today!)
Jacket: J.Crew Factory || Necklace: Old || Jeans: T.J. Maxx || Shoes: DSW || Shirt: J.Crew Factory || Bracelet: Ralph Lauren || Belt: Old Navy