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Holiday Must Have: Festive Candles

Candles are seriously a must have for the season, I usually have one in the living room and on my nightstand at all times, but during the holiday season I really get obsessed with them. They just make the whole apartment smell so festive! 

I figured for today's post I would show you guys some of my favorites. (P.S. it's the Yankee Candle in "Fresh Balsam.") I'm pretty sure I love candles this time of year so much because it's such a distinct memory as a kid. My mom used to always burn that balsam Yankee Candle and it would make the whole house smell great. Whenever I smell candles like that now it's so cozy and comfortable. There really is nothing better than being home for the holidays :)

Bath and Body works seriously has some great candles year round and the holidays is no exception. These are my favorite affordable candles (they usually have 2 for $20 deals on the big ones! So stock up!). I know the Kate Spade candle isn't technically a holiday candle...but a gold polka dot candle sitting out during the holidays? Yes please! And the Ralph Lauren one is to die for! I love the tartan packaging... I feel like I would keep the packaging out on display too with the candle!! :)

What are your favorite scents during the holidays?  


  1. I love the Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren! And thanks for popping over my blog! Glad you like it!

  2. All these candles are so pretty, would love 1, 2 and 3.