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Hot Pink Sweater Weather

8 am classes sucks, even when they're something fun like bowling. Sigh...oh well at least it's a great GPA booster (thats what I'm telling myself.)

This outfit was actually from yesterday, because when I have early classes I don't look so hot (long sleeve t-shirts are kind of the best thing ever!)...I've been wanting to wear this sweater for a while but just didn't really have the weather or outfit, though yesterday was perfect. It was one of those days where it was chilly, but the sun was out so it wasn't super cold...it was nice not to have to wear boots for a change.   

I'm usually not a fan of pink (of any kind), especially hot pink...but for some reason this season I've been loving it. It's so bright and fun. I liked my leopard and tortoiseshell pairings with it (because those are basically neutrals right?), and it's definitely a color combination that I'll have to keep in mind, especially when the weather warms up. :)

Sweater: J.Crew Factory \\ Shoes: Target \\ Jeans: Old \\ Bracelet: Polo Ralph Lauren Factory \\ Necklace: Kohls 

What colors have you been loving this season? 


  1. I don't like going to classes in the morning either! I love the pink sweater with the leopard shoes and the bracelet.