Perfectly Preppy School Supplies

School just started back for me (I'm on the quarter system), but I realize that most of ya'll are taking finals right now...which is why I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share my perfectly preppy school supplies picks to help get through.

I'm such a nerd, but my favorite part of school starting back is getting to get new supplies and organize my notebooks and agenda and such. (totally spent a good part of yesterday writing all the due dates in my agenda!)

Pens \\ Agenda \\ Pencil Pouch \\ Thermal Mug \\ Notebooks \\ USB Keychain \\ Highlighters \\ The Long List

I seriously use my agenda everyday, it definitely helps me stay organized and up to date on what I have to do, along with that I love having a daily to-do list as well. "The Long List" by Kate Spade is seriously the perfect one, I've been using it every night to list what needs to get done the next day.

Especially in winter quarter, I like taking coffee from my Keurig to class every morning, having a thermal mug is really handy and this one from Kate Spade is adorable! 

Notebooks for each class is another must for me, especially since I take notes in every class and I like to keep them organized. Check out these adorable ones from Poppin. 

Also, I have a thing with pens. I don't know what it is but they have to write perfectly by my standards for me to use them. It may be architecture school, but I love the Papermate Flair pens as they write smooth and have a good line-weight to them. (Also they come in a bunch of really fun colors!) The Jonathan Adler highlighters are super cute and a must for a college student. 

I've definitely had pens leak all over my bag (ugh.), which is why this adorable Lilly pencil pouch is a must! And I always lose my USB drive, I love having a cute one on my key ring so I always have it. ('s an ANCHOR!! :D )

Anyways, I hope my picks help make your finals week a little easier, or if you're just starting like me I hope they help you get off to a good start! :)

Some more of my favorites: 

What are your school supply must haves? 

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