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January 2014 Favorites

I cannot believe January is almost over!! ...Just kidding. I totally can, it's been kind of a long month. Basically I've just been really swamped with work and I'm ready for winter to be over. It's been a long one ya'll... 

Which is why I'm really happy to finally be doing my monthly favorites post this month. I'm ready to get February over with too so it can be springtime! :D

1. Hunter Rain-Boots \\ 2. Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Pouch \\ 3. Michael Kors Watch \\ 4. Coach Purse \\ 5. Ray-Ban Aviators

A lot of what's on my favorites list this month was Christmas presents (my watch and sunglasses). I totally love my Ray-Bans...I've been being super careful with them too. I've never had a good pair of sunglasses before and I never realized how much better they are.

Another one of my favorites was my equestrian Coach purse. I got it back in August so I couldn't find a picture of my particular one, but this one is similar. (check out my version here!)  I'm putting it my January favorites because I haven't really gotten to wear it until now! The turn-lock broke and I had to send it in to get it fixed. I didn't send it in until the end of November due to classes and what-not so I didn't get the fixed version back until late December. I've loved carrying it around this month though! And now that it's fixed I'm sure it will become a wardrobe staple in my closet! :)

What's your favorites this month?

Bright Layers

So I'm sitting here right now, writing this post and flipping between my schools "Information Center" website. I've literally hit "refresh" like 1,000 times! I definitely will feel cheated if we go through all these arctic vortex things and I don't get at least ONE snow day... 

Plus I feel like taking outfit pictures in the snow would turn out so well!! 

I've definitely been enjoying layering these past few days. With all the chilly days I've been having fun playing with patterns. 

Sweater: J.Crew Factory \\ Shirt: American Eagle (Old) \\ Jeans: Old \\ Boots: L.L. Bean \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (Similar) \\ Watch: Michael Kors \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban \\ Bag: Coach (Outlet)

What colors do you like to wear in the winter?

Corduroy and Snow

It snowed!! It snowed in Louisiana and it was so cool! I got to walk to class on Thursday with little flurries flying around and I didn't even mind the cold! :D

Other than the awesome 2 hours of snow (we don't get it here...let me have this), I have been so miserable... another arctic blast!? UGH! I've definitely been layering and once I'm done for the day I'm in bed and refuse to leave my warm apartment! 

My corduroy pants have been so great, and I would seriously wear them every day if I could because they are so friggin' warm! Next winter, I'm definitely getting more than one pair...maybe one in every color? For every day of the week? Yeah...that sounds good. 

Pants: Old Navy \\ Top: Old Navy \\ Sweater: Ralph Lauren \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Boots: Kenneth Cole \\ Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick \\Watch: Michael Kors \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory \\ Scarf: Old

Why are my fists clenched in every picture you ask? No, it isn't because it was cold (which it was), it was because I have to wear this big ugly bandage on my finger from slicing it open with an x-acto knife. I'm so smart...

How have you been dealing with Arctic Vortex Round 2?

A Very Preppy Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is coming up (less than a month away), and between spring arrivals and Valentines Day looks, online shopping has been so fun! (But I've been good and haven't spent anything...).

Coming up with a Valentines Day outfit is hard, I mean you don't want to be that girl that's sickeningly sweet, but then again it is nice to be festive! And what better color to incorporate into your wardrobe than PINK! 

I feel like adding a pink piece or a few accessories to an outfit is perfect for the holiday, and pink is also a great spring color! So you can start building your spring wardrobe while being festive for the season (I love multi-tasking). 

Check out some of my favorite pink pieces out there that would be perfect for Valentines Day and great cheerful additions for spring-time! :D

Do you like to dress up for Valentines Day?

Kate Spade "Travel Colorfully" New Arrivals

I love Kate Spade's new "Travel Colorfully" collection. They say that this month is Brighton, England and have new arrivals specifically for that. So are they going to be releasing new arrivals each month based on a location? If so...that would be awesome! If you know anything, let me know in the comments please! :D

Anyways, this collection is super cute and sweet, I love all the candy inspired pieces! Perfect for spring, or even for Valentine's day. Check out my favorites from the new collection:

What's your favorites from the new collection?

"Form Follows Function"

"Form follows function" is an important concept in architecture and I figured it was appropriate for this post because I've literally been working on my project all weekend. D: Basically since we don't have class on Monday, my teachers decided to make up with it in homework... Thanks guys! 

Also, when taking pictures, I didn't follow this idea...and it was FREEZING outside. There were so many photos I had to go through with me having a really weird look on my face due to the cold...

Anyways, so on this MLK day Monday, I'm basically just working on homework and trying to be as productive as possible. Ugh. But it will be all worth it when I have an awesome project to add to my portfolio! Would ya'll be interested in seeing the finished project? Let me know! :)

Jeans: Old \\ Sweater: Old Navy (Similar) \\ Necklace: Kohl's \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Button Down: H&M \\ Bracelets: Tiffany's and J.Crew

Do you have today off work/school? What are you doing with your off day?

Lilly Pulitzer Bows for Spring

When I first started seriously blogging I got an e-mail from Morgan who had just started her bow business asking me to review her product (Check that out Here). I was so excited because at the time we were both just starting out, I loved the bow she sent me and have been enjoyed watching her business grow and browsing through all the new products over at Anchors Away Bows

I seriously loved wearing my sparkly tartan bow during the holiday season (and so did my roommate...) but I feel like I can't really wear it much anymore since the Christmas season is over. 

Enter these adorable Lilly bows:

*Photo from Anchors Away Bow's Instagram*

If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I have serious spring fever. I was super excited when I saw that Anchors Away Bows was going to start carrying a Lilly Pulitzer Collection! Aren't these bows just the cutest!?

Especially now that it's getting near springtime, I'm gravitating toward anything bright and cheerful, and Lilly is basically the definition of bright and cheerful. :)

*Photo from Anchors Away Bow's Instagram*

The only thing I thought was missing was a monogram option, and low and behold...you can now get any bow monogrammed! Despite my "no spend" (which I've been doing really well on by the way) I've got one of these babies on the way right now. My justification was that I'm not spending anything for winter stuff, but this is for spring...right?
*Photo from Anchors Away Bows Boutique website*

Keep on the look-out for new product releases I hear will be happening soon ;) and make sure to use the discount code "Courtney03" at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase! 

What's your favorite Lilly bow? Do you think hair bows are a good spring accessory?

**All opinions are my own**

Spring-Like Winter Day

I've been loving this spring-like weather we've been having here and definitely taking full advantage! Bye-bye layers and boots (well for like a week) it feels like spring! :D 

The only downside, is that since it is still winter it's freezing in the morning and then all nice in the afternoon. So I bundle all up then end up running back to my apartment and changing mid-morning! 

Also, there's that odd balance between it being January so I can't wear super spring-y colors without feeling weird, and yet its too warm to bundle up in all my winter stuff. It's really quite the conundrum...

So today I pulled on my chambray shirt from J.Crew with the sleeves rolled up and my favorite colored jeans. I got these from Gap last year and I love them! They're kind of high waisted, which I don't mind because it's more flattering when I tuck a blouse in and wear a belt. Also I'm 5'2" and I love finding pants that are already at the right length (I think these were ankle jeans...hahaha). 

And then there's the shoes, I love my loafers and I find myself slipping them on all the time. I definitely want to invest in more pairs and colors this spring! :)

Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Jeans: Gap (Old) \\ Shoes: Target (Old) \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (Similar) \\ Watch: Michael Kors

What do you like to wear on warm winter days?

Pretty Valentine's Desktop Wallpaper

Valentine's Day is almost here (less than a month away)! And while it is definitely not my favorite holiday, I'm starting to like it a little better. At least the decorations are super cute right?

I thought to celebrate the season I'd made another desktop wallpaper, and I'm getting quite proud of my mad graphic design skillz ;). 

Enjoy! :)

To get the background, just click on the link and save the image (full resolution) to your computer! Hope ya'll like it as much as I enjoyed making it, I'd love to hear what you think of it!

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day/Single's Awareness Day? 

Spring Fever

I know it's only January, but I seriously cannot wait for spring. The weather is (finally) starting to warm back up from that arctic vortex thing and I'm so happy. I seriously cannot do winter... 

After Christmas I always get so disenchanted with the winter and I'm just dying for it to be spring. Check out some of the pictures that have me longing for spring to hurry up and get here!! :) 

Gorgeous photo by Mohamed Malik 

Can I just go back to West Palm Beach for forever...please? 

Seriously making me want to be behind a boat... by Joe King
As much as I love being behind a wakeboard boat, there's something about sailboats that is just so romantic almost... Gorgeous photo by Alex

Last Spring Break was in Orange Beach, Alabama... can I go back now?

One of my spring breaks included going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter...it was awesome.

Are you as ready for spring as I am? What are your plans for the upcoming spring season? 

J.Crew Factory Bright New Arrivals

I love how there is an arctic blast freezing half the nation and all the stores are trying to entice us with pictures of girls enjoying vacation in their spring arrivals. Not cool. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE looking at them though and daydreaming about being at the beach! 

Anyways, I love it when J.Crew Factory comes out with their new arrivals (even though I'm not buying clothes for a while) and I always have to spend a few minutes looking through everything. All of these picks make me wish it was spring, but I guess you can never start preparing for the new season too early! 

I just love that swim suit! I'd really love to get to an outlet and try it on (I'm super finicky when it comes to swimwear). That tunic makes me want to just go to Florida and never come back, who am I kidding though, it's not just the tunic. And the nautical scarf and striped loafers I definitely need! (They are needs, not wants.)

I can't wait until I can start actually shopping the spring arrivals! But for now window shopping will have to do, it's for the sake of my savings account... :)

How early do you start shopping all the spring collections?

No Spend 'Till Spring

I don't know about ya'll, but after the holidays my bank account is usually pretty strained. After all the parties, presents, and after Christmas sales the poor thing definitely needs a break. I was thinking about this the other day and came up with and idea: No Spend Till Spring. 

That's about 2 months of not buying clothes, shoes, jewelry, or makeup! Yikes! I don't think I've ever gone that long without doing that so it will definitely be a challenge. I know there is "No Spend September," but I don't think I could ever do that. That's when I NEED to shop due to the major season change, new fall/winter clothes, and usually the start of school. Doing it this time of year, I thought, that because it's right after I got Christmas and birthday presents and all the spring collections are starting to come out and the winter ones are being phased out, that it would be a great time to try an not spend money on things I don't need. After all, those riding boots will only get worn another 2 months anyways (well here in the south) and after that they'll end up sitting in the top of my closet until October. 

So instead of spending money on last seasons winter clothes that will only be worn for 2 more months anyways, why not try an beef up my savings over the next two months, then when spring comes I can pick up a few new items for my closet without feeling guilty about spending too much money...

Hashtag #nospendtillspring on Twitter if you want to do it too! Trust me, if I'm not shopping for the next two months, I'm going to need as much support as I can get! 

What do you think of the idea? Want to try it with me? I'd love to hear your opinion! :)

Presentation Day and an Arctic Vortex

Yesterday we had a major presentation in my architecture class (I always hate getting up and speaking in front of everyone), and they always encourage us to dress up...which doesn't take much for me because I love putting together outfits! Especially since I rarely get to dress up in college. 

To say it was chilly is a bit of an understatement...IT WAS FREEZING! (Darn you Arctic Vortex! ...that name seriously cool though.) The high here yesterday was 30, my southern self just could not handle that! (As much as I'd love live up north for a while, I think the cold would be a deal-breaker...I'm that much of a wuss)  

Anyways, my presentation went decent, I really liked the board and graphics I made for that (blogging has actually helped since I get more practice playing with layout and stuff...heck yeah!), my teachers complemented me on it too which made me really happy! :) 

Skirt: Old \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's \\ Shirt: Old \\ Tights: Old (Target I think?) \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Coat: Banana Republic Outlet (Last Year) \\ Scarf: Gift

I was actually really excited it was cold (before I went outside) because I got to wear my tweed skirt! I've had it since freshman year of college but I rarely wear it. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my old purple tights too since it is the Pantone Color of the Year and all. :)

How are you dealing with this frigid weather? What are your outfit go-tos when it's super cold outside?

Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale!

Lilly Pulitzer stuff NEVER goes on sale, so when I saw their "New Year Cheer Sale" I definitely had to tell ya'll about it! 

The sale started at 8 am today (I've been so busy all day so I'm only just now getting to look at the items...) and goes on until Tuesday January 7 at midnight, so be sure to check it out soon! Also check out a few of my favorite picks from the sale! :) 

What are your favorite items on sale right now?

New Hunter Tour Rain-Boot

One of my goals for 2014 was to get a good camera and learn how to use it. I ended up getting a Nikon 1 J3 and I definitely did not intend to get it this soon but it was on sale for almost half off and they're being discontinued so I was enticed by the deal... I got it because I liked the portability and customizability of it. I originally intended to get a DSLR but instead got a CSC (compact system camera), which is basically a smaller camera without a mirror and with interchangeable lenses. 
It has most of the DSLR functions and when I do step up to a bigger camera I feel like I will still be able to get use out of this one for on-the-go photos since produces DSLR-like quality images. 

I'm super excited to start learning all about it and getting more into photography (should help with architecture too!). Hope you enjoy my Outfit of the Day 2.0 posts! :) (NO MORE MIRROR! WOO!)

Boots: Hunter Original Packable Tour Rain Boots \\ Jeans: Old \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Pearls: Inherited \\ Sunglasses: Large Ray-Ban Aviators \\ Watch: Michael Kors

I bought my boots a while ago, but this is the first time I've actually gotten to wear them!! It didn't even rain, but there was a small chance so I jumped at the opportunity...

I love them! I got the Hunter Packable Tour boots from Piperlime with a few Christmas gift cards and they ARE SO COMFY! I wasn't going to get the packable ones because I don't go on a ton of trips where I need rain boots but they were the only style with yellow which is what I wanted. I'm so glad I got them though, because the rubber is thinner they aren't so stiff...and I feel like thinner rain boots means better to wear throughout the spring and summer, especially in Louisiana!

Did you get anything special with your holiday money? 

2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

I have to say, when I saw the Color of the Year for 2014 I was a little iffy...and still am. I'm not a huge purple fan (then again I'm not a pink fan yet here I am with a hot pink sweater...), and I'm not sure how many bold purple pieces I'm going to invest in this year, but I can see the appeal. It will be a great accent color throughout the year (spring brights and fall jewel tones anyone?).

I could totally see it as a cute pair of chinos or a skirt paired with pearls and a classic button down. So I guess we shall see on this color as the year progresses...

1. J.Crew \\ 2. Hunter \\ 3. Kate Spade \\ 4. C. Wonder \\ 5. Sephora \\ 6. Old Navy

I think a great way to incorporate the color of the year into your wardrobe is to use accent pieces like the J.Crew statement necklace, or the bright C. Wonder pumps. Paired with neutrals these pieces could really pop and be a great (affordable) way to incorporate the color into 2014 outfits. I do like the top from Old Navy, and it would go great with a pair of skinny jeans and loafers or a neutral colored skirt or shorts.

Like I said, I probably won't be investing much into pieces colored in Radiant Orchid, but the color is definitely growing on me and I think would flatter most skin tones. Picking up a few accent pieces throughout the year could be a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe without breaking the bank! 

What do you think of the 2014 Color of the Year? How will you be incorporating it into your wardrobe?

January 2014 Julep Box

Julep definitely doesn't disappoint. I love getting the boxes in the mail and it arrived yesterday so it was like getting to open another birthday present! :) 

This box came with two polishes and "Quick Dry Drops," I haven't used them yet but the concept is cool if it works. I always end up getting impatient and messing my nails up by attempting to do stuff while I wait for them to dry so hopefully they will fix that problem... 

I can't wait to wear the two new polishes, they are definitely colors that I would buy in store. I love smokey grey colors for the winter-time and a pale pink is always a great neutral color to wear as a staple. 

I've been wearing a ton of golds and reds for the holiday season so these are a great change of pace for the rest of the winter season. :)



What polishes are your staples for winter? 

December 2013 as Seen Through Instagram

Wow! It has been a really busy month! And it's a new year, Happy 2014 everyone! Now we all have to get used to writing the date again, haha.

Back to December, I think it's one of my favorite months because there's so much going on...the first 24 days are all leading up to Christmas and are all pretty and festive, then we get to all ring in the new year!

I love doing these Instagram posts as a way to reflect on the previous month...and to look ahead to the new one. And there isn't a better time for reflection than the start of a new year! I have tons of ideas and posts for the blog as well as goals that I'd love to accomplish for 2014. I thought I could take the time to thank everyone who reads and follows along for your support so far, and ask for your continued (awesome) support through 2014! I have some big plans! :)

What were some of your favorite December or 2013 moments?

New Years Eve...and My 22nd Birthday! :)

Happy New Year everybody! :)

I seriously cannot believe that 2013 is over! This year has gone by so fast, and it's been a pretty good year for me! :) I took a few trips up north to Ohio, had an awesome spring break in Orange Beach with my friends, spent this summer behind a boat wake-boarding, had an awesome weekend of dressing up at Cotillion with friends, and had a great time at my last football season as a college student...  

Not only is today New Years Eve for me, but it's also my 22nd birthday! Ya'll, I seriously was a tax credit. Like...I was born 2 weeks early so my parents could get a tax break for 1991... but I get a pretty cool birthday out of it so I guess it's a win-win. (Although maybe if they had waited that two weeks I wouldn't be 5'2" ... thanks a lot mom and dad :P)

Anyways, as I am 22 I feel like I am obligated to share this video. I've kind of been listening to it all day and I'm not even that big of a T-Swift fan...much more of a classic rock kinda gal. :)

I'm also super excited because I got to wear my new sparkly NYE dress! :) Check it out:

Dress: Modcloth \\ Shoes: Old \\ Tights: Old \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory \\ Necklace: Birthday Gift!

Today was a great birthday, I got to go out to eat with my boyfriend for lunch, (and he surprised me with all my friends!) then I got to pick out a Southern Marsh shirt and open presents. After that we got all dolled up and went out to dinner where my roommate and I shared this crazy big drink (hey...it's New Years Eve...) and popped fireworks then went to a party where it was literally a high school reunion! Haha, but just with all the people I liked! :P

It was a great NYE and birthday...here's some pics of the night:

How was your New Years Eve?