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December 2013 as Seen Through Instagram

Wow! It has been a really busy month! And it's a new year, Happy 2014 everyone! Now we all have to get used to writing the date again, haha.

Back to December, I think it's one of my favorite months because there's so much going on...the first 24 days are all leading up to Christmas and are all pretty and festive, then we get to all ring in the new year!

I love doing these Instagram posts as a way to reflect on the previous month...and to look ahead to the new one. And there isn't a better time for reflection than the start of a new year! I have tons of ideas and posts for the blog as well as goals that I'd love to accomplish for 2014. I thought I could take the time to thank everyone who reads and follows along for your support so far, and ask for your continued (awesome) support through 2014! I have some big plans! :)

What were some of your favorite December or 2013 moments?


  1. Hey I've just discovered your blog :)

    I love December too, preparing Christmas, the streets get decorated with lights... Sometimes I'm almost sad to be Christmas because it's the end of all this excitation haha

    1. Totally, January is so much calmer than December, there really isn't anything that major going on this month...