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Presentation Day and an Arctic Vortex

Yesterday we had a major presentation in my architecture class (I always hate getting up and speaking in front of everyone), and they always encourage us to dress up...which doesn't take much for me because I love putting together outfits! Especially since I rarely get to dress up in college. 

To say it was chilly is a bit of an understatement...IT WAS FREEZING! (Darn you Arctic Vortex! ...that name seriously cool though.) The high here yesterday was 30, my southern self just could not handle that! (As much as I'd love live up north for a while, I think the cold would be a deal-breaker...I'm that much of a wuss)  

Anyways, my presentation went decent, I really liked the board and graphics I made for that (blogging has actually helped since I get more practice playing with layout and stuff...heck yeah!), my teachers complemented me on it too which made me really happy! :) 

Skirt: Old \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's \\ Shirt: Old \\ Tights: Old (Target I think?) \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Coat: Banana Republic Outlet (Last Year) \\ Scarf: Gift

I was actually really excited it was cold (before I went outside) because I got to wear my tweed skirt! I've had it since freshman year of college but I rarely wear it. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my old purple tights too since it is the Pantone Color of the Year and all. :)

How are you dealing with this frigid weather? What are your outfit go-tos when it's super cold outside?


  1. I love your outfit it's so cute! That color purple is great with that skirt!
    Glad to hear your presentation went well!

  2. Love those purple tights, it adds so much personality to your outfit! Stay warm, it's been below zero here, so I feel your pain.

    1. Thanks! Omg, I would die in sub-zero temps! That sounds awful!!!

  3. Congrats on doing well on your presentation! I absolutely adore the outfit you put together! The purple tights, gorgeous skirt, and white coat all go well together!
    I feel your pain! I'm not used to cold weather at all. It was 3 or so degrees Monday, and I skipped school and stayed in bed all day! Today and yesterday were gradually better, but I still despise the cold!


    1. Hah, I totally would've stayed in bed too if I could, I have been seriously contemplating it over the past few days. Also thanks! :)

  4. Love the Bordeaux tights


  5. I love the tweed skirt! I think sometimes with tweed you run the danger of looking like you've borrowed your grandmothers clothes, but with those purple tights it looks fresh and fun.
    Oh I do not envy you Northern Hemisphere folks. I shudder just thinking about those temperatures!


    1. Thanks! And don't blame you!! They're horrible...even in the south! ugh.

  6. Very cute! Professional but still young and fun!

    Constance || Prep Northwest