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Casual for Finals

Finals are finally over for me!! It has been a very long two weeks, but I get two weeks of to relax and recuperate! :) I've definitely been slacking off on blogging a little bit over the past two weeks as well, but I can't wait to catch back up! Todays outfit is a bit more casual than usual, since it's been a while for me to find the time to go take pictures, but I thought in the sprit of finals (or midterms) a casual outfit may be appropriate. 

One thing I've been loving is my leopard loafers, they've been so easy to slip on as I'm on the way out the door. I've literally been wearing them with everything. 

Vest: Old Navy \\ Shirt: Old Navy \\ Bracelet: Kohl's \\ Jeans: Old \\ Shoes: Target

What's your go to pieces for finals or midterms? 

February Favorites

I'm glad this month is about over. It's been such a long and stressful month. Especially these last two weeks with finals and my final project being due. It was actually kind of difficult to come up with favorites for this month since I basically lived in t-shirts and pajama pants while studying and working, it's definitely not been my most fashionable month. :P

Leopard Loafers \\ I love my leopard loafers and I've been wearing them every single day when it wasn't below freezing. They're definitely going to be a wardrobe staple this spring since they're so versatile. I'm going to have to invest in a few more pairs of loafers as well. :)

Orange Lip Color \\ Whenever I want to brighten up my face this month, I have been adding my Revlon Color Burst in Tutti Fruiti. I'm not sure why I suddenly gravitated toward orange, maybe it's my longing for spring, but I've been loving the subtle punch of color these give. The Revlon Color Bursts have been a staple of mine for some time now.

Ralph Lauren Romance \\ I got this as a Christmas present from my mom after stealing hers all summer because I loved it so much. I definitely got a ton of use out of it this month. I'm not sure why but for a good chunk of the month I couldn't go anywhere without spritzing on a bit before I left.

Black Denim \\ One of my favorite purchases of the month was my black jeans I bought. Definitely made the monthly list considering how much I wore them. I love how much of a staple they've become and that they can really refresh your wardrobe.

Benefit's "Watts Up" Highlighter \\ I have a sample size of this and I'm going to have to go get the original at some point. Considering how much I slept this month (not a lot), this was totally a lifesaver to make me look...not dead basically.

What was your favorite things this month?

Dressing for an Interview Featuring Modcloth

I have been so swamped lately with everything. It has seriously been the most stressful quarter yet, and I'm so happy that this is the last week of it! Now that most of my projects are done, I can work on getting my portfolio finished up and applying for jobs and internships (scary!).  

It was really great timing, in fact, that Amy from Modcloth asked me to participate in their Uniquely You campaign by creating a look with the "Lead by Example Dress." (Check out the set on my Polyvore). One of the things that I'm actually looking forward to in my upcoming job search is all the cute professional clothes I'll get to go shopping for, and making this set was so much fun! I may even have to get this outfit, because I ended up really liking it for a firm tour or job interview (I'm growing up ya'll) and all the pieces are super versatile and classic.  

Pretty and Professional

Trenchcoat \\ Bag \\ Watch \\ Dress \\ Sunglasses \\ Shoes \\ Necklace

I love the cobalt blue color of the dress paired with light neutrals for spring and leopard flats (with the kitten heel...so cute) to keep it from being boring, yet still professional. This trench coat is fabulous, and I just love it for springtime, it's such a great take on a classic and looks so chic. I would definitely wear all these pieces separately (um...that necklace? definitely on my wish-list now...) and I think they're perfect for the 20 something entering the workforce that still wants to look modern and youthful.

I firmly believe that your personal style reflects a lot about you and is important for that first all important first impression. Modcloth is a great place to start building a professional wardrobe with their selection of fun-yet appropriate dresses and separates. Check out a few more of my favorites I've had my eye on: 

What do you like to wear for interviews or at work? Any tips for a girl trying to get her first grown up job? 

Shorts in February

I've seriously been loving this weather we've been having lately, after ice and snow (and me basically curled up in my bed refusing to leave) a break of warm 70s is just what I needed. I was so excited to get to pull out my shorts collection for the year and while I have basically been stuck inside staring at my computer screen to get this project done (grr.), I've been trying to enjoy the weather the best I can. 

When I was choosing this outfit, I definitely wanted to wear shorts in the spring-like weather, but I didn't want to look too springy in the middle of winter. I chose a fall-like color palette of navy, chambray, and leopard print instead of opting for more pastel shades. 

Shorts: Banana Republic Outlet (Similar at J.Crew Factory) \\ Belt: Banana Republic (Similar) \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Bag: Coach Outlet \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans \\ Shoes: Target (Last Season)  \\ Watch: Michael Kors \\ Necklace: Kohl's (Old)

Get the Look:

Essie Spring 2014 Collection

Ya'll I literally feel like I'm going to be awake until Monday...I have so much work to do in my classes! Ugh. At least after next Thursday I'm done for a whole two weeks and get a break. I seriously cannot wait! 

I also have been loving Essie's spring 2014 nail polish collection "Hide and Go Chic," I love the bright colors, the mints and hot pinks are such popular colors this spring! Essie is my favorite brand and I always look forward to seeing what they have every season, they definitely did not disappoint this time! I literally want all of them!

Romper Room (Top) \\ Gorgeous pale cool pink color, creamy finish and perfect for spring as well as a great staple addition to any nail polish collection. Also in the 4 Pc Mini Cube set.

Style Hunter (Middle Left) \\ Super hot reddish/pink. I definitely want to get my hands on this creamy strawberry color, it's different from any other hot pink I have in my collection and I feel like it would be a good polish year round as well (fall jewel tones anyone?). Also in the 4 Pc Mini Cube.

Hide and Go Chic (Middle) \\ The collection's namesake, a bold cobalt blue cream. Cobalt has been such a popular color lately and I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on this one. This one kind of reminds me of Essie's "Go Overboard" polish, but I think it's a little lighter, which I like because "Go Overboard" always goes on so dark for spring/summer. Also in the 4 Pc Mini Cube.

Fashion Playground (Middle Right) \\ What would a spring collection be without a pale mint color in it? I think this may be one of my favorites (definitely top 3). I love mint, especially for spring, and I don't think I have a mint nail color this pale yet. It's a definite must have for me from this collection. Also in the 4 Pc Mini Cube.

Truth or Flare (Bottom Left) \\ This is my least favorite out of the collection, not that I dislike it...I just think I'll need to see it in person to really decide. A cloudy pale blue, I feel like this one could be either really pretty or just meh...it's probably very skin tone specific. I'm definitely going to have to go test it out over break!

Spin the Bottle (Bottom Right) \\ I love this one! Although I feel like it would be a disaster on my warm olive toned skin. Pale corals like this one can sometimes blend into my skin tone and look really bad. So if you have light or dark skin tones, this one is probably for you...and I'm jealous.

What's your favorites from the collection?


Revamp Your Wardrobe Staples with Black Jeans

I love my new black jeans that I found for $10 at Forever 21 (yep...$10!), I've been wearing them a ton and I feel like they are such a classic staple yet make a bold impact. Like the other day I didn't know what to wear for a day-trip home so I threw them on with neutral flats and a classic pinstripe oxford button down and voila! Cute outfit in under 5 minutes. 

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll know that I've been wanting a pair of black jeans for some time (and have blogged about how much I love these), and I'm so happy to have a pair to add to my wardrobe. I've been loving finding new ways to wear them and I definitely feel like they're a great and understated way to spice up my outfits that I'd normally wear regular denim with.  

Black Jeans Outfit

Oxfords and tortoise-shell

how black denim can revamp your wardrobe

Shirt: Old \\ Jeans: Forever 21 \\ Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) \\ Necklace: Gift \\ Bracelets: Ralph Lauren Outlet & J.Crew Factory (similar) \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

For me, black denim has been a great way to get more use and more outfit possibilities out of my current wardrobe. If you are looking for a way to revamp your current wardrobe without spending a ton of money I'd highly recommend investing in a pair of black jeans. (Forever 21 and Express has some great options! :D)

For another way I styled them check out this post! :)

What are your go-to pieces when you're in a wardrobe slump?

12 Preppy Must-Haves for Spring 2014

I feel like I can see the end! We went from an ice storm to 60-70 degrees and sunny and I couldn't be happier! I feel like now that Valentine's Day is out of the way it's time to focus on spring. Finally

I'm literally so excited to be posting about my spring wish-list. I've been loving going through all the new arrivals from my favorite stores! Keeping a must-have list really helps me to reign in what I really want each season and helps to keep my spending in check. 

What's on your spring wish-list?

All Bundled Up

Sadly (or not) our sneaux is all melted now. Maybe we can have spring now? Please? By the second day of our southern blizzard, though, it was basically ice. I almost busted it a ton! Four of us decided to walk up and get donuts that morning and it took much longer than expected due to all the slippery ice!

I felt like I had so many layers on! I totally felt like that kid from A Christmas Story...I was nice and warm though. I was wearing my running pants under my jeans and a thermal under my sweater and button down. I definitely feel like I look like a marshmallow in some of these pictures! 

Jeans: Old \\ Sweater: J.Crew Factory \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Boots: Hunter \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Scarf: Gift \\ Gloves: Ralph Lauren \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Do ya'll still have snow? Or is it warming up like it is here? 

Pops of Red

I'm definitely not one to get all into Valentine's Day, even though I'm in a relationship it still just isn't one of my favorite holidays. Also, I don't want to be that annoying person decked out in pink on "Singles Awareness Day" (plus my roommate would probably hate me...)

This year I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend after class, but since I have a set of building drawings due in class...I will be very tired. Like...needed energy drinks to get me through the day tired, ugh. I feel like it will end up being a very low key night, which I'm definitely fine with. 

Red is such a bold color that adding just one or two accessories in it is perfect for Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, hot pink shirts with lipstick prints on them are cute, but I would literally only wear that one day (and probably only at night...not sure how comfortable I'd feel walking around campus with everyone else basically in their pajamas...).   

I found my necklace at Old Navy (along with an anchor one :D :D) and I love how simple and understated it is, yet still perfect for the holiday. I'll definitely get more use out of it than just today too! 

My bow is from Anchors Away Bows Boutique, I literally love her bows. I bought this one and a Lilly Pulitzer one and they're great for when I want to pull my hair back...but not wear a pony tail. 

Jeans: Old \\ Shoes: Steve Madden \\ Shirt: Express (It's my roommates) \\ Blazer: Old \\ Necklace: Old Navy \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (Similar) \\ Bow: Anchors Away Bows Boutique \\ Bag: Coach

Also if your a regular reader you might've notice Daughter of a Son of a Sailor has lost the .blogspot! It was one of my goals for this year and I'm so happy to have accomplished it! Thank you so much for all those who read and support this blog and I hope I can keep creating valuable content for you! :) 

Happy Valentine's Day! What are your plans for today? 

Sneaux Day

I finally got my snow day!! Well...two. And I had so much fun that I have to split it into two posts. Tuesday night it started legit snowing and it was so cool (we don't get that here). School was definitely cancelled for Wednesday so instead of doing homework, we went exploring:

The bridge over the train tracks was all icy and snowy and it was so pretty! We had to stop and take pictures. 

My boyfriend had to stay home and finish homework before he could come out and play with us, but we got him to snap a few pictured before our hair became completely soaked/frozen. 

The whole campus looked to peaceful, even the hill where a few frat houses are (which definitely isn't usually described as "peaceful") The snow made everything so much prettier too!  

Icicles literally hung off everything due to the rain earlier that day. I thought they were pretty and fun to knock off (they make that cool sound), my roommate had fun licking them...

There were literally like five other pictures of her jumping in licking stuff. I totally wanted to see if that thing from A Christmas Story was true. It would've been hilarious if her tongue got stuck!

My boyfriend had the great idea to sled down a hill nearby on our wake-boards. I grabbed mine and headed out there. It was so much fun/a little bit scary. Everyone sledding on rubbermaid containers was totally jealous of us. ;)

The snow accumulations on things was gorgeous. I loved how it sparkled in the light. 

By the end of the night I was soaking wet, my hair was literally frozen as were my fingers and feet, and I was completely worn out! But it was so worth it and so much fun! 

Pants: Old Navy // Boots: L.L. Bean // Gloves: Ralph Lauren // Jacket: J.Crew Factory \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Scarf: Old

What do you like to do on snow days?

Sweater Weather

We finally get a snow day! Woo hoo! After two months of freezing cold I finally get out of school for ice! I definitely needed a break, or basically two extra days to be working on homework and projects. 
It's a good thing I took these photos last week too, because between the ice and cold and the fact that class is cancelled...I'm staying cozy in my apartment in my pajamas all day!

Last week I went shopping for the first time in months with my friends. I usually don't shop at Forever 21 anymore but my friends wanted to go so I went with them. I found these awesome black jeans for $10! I was pretty excited. I'm not sure how the quality will be, but they fit well and I've been wanting a pair for some time but haven't found one that fit right. 

I definitely feel like I'll be finding tons of new ways to style these and I hope they last because I could definitely see them becoming a wardrobe staple in my closet. :D

Pants: Forever 21 \\ Boots: Old \\ Sweater: Old Navy \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory \\ Bracelet: Charming Charlie \\ Watch: Michael Kors

Have you gotten any great deals lately? 

Last Minute Valentines Gift Ideas

Even though I've been thinking about Valentine's Day for a while, it still kind of snuck up on me!  And even though my boyfriend is super hard to shop for, I always like to get him something for Valentine's Day (I mean, if he's expected to do something for me...right?).

Anyways, check out my list of great gifts for your guy for Valentine's Day!

iPhone: Brooks Brothers \\ Arrow Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick \\ Cologne: Brooks Brothers \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans \\ Watch: J.Crew \\ Bag: J.Crew \\ Candle: J.Crew  \\ Belts: Smathers and Branson \\ Coasters: J.Crew Factory \\ Bottle Opener Key Ring: J.Crew Factory

What are your Valentine's Day plans? Do you have to shop for a guy this year?

A Louisiana Sunset

Ya'll, I literally have to get up this morning and go to class...at 9 am. Yes, and I am writing this today. I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS ON A SATURDAY!!! Ugh. It for real sucks. See we're learning a new program, and our teachers decided that we would have a 2 day workshop on Friday and Saturday, because we have no better way to spend our Saturday than in class right? 

Anyways, there's my rant for the weekend. Other than that it's been pretty good. I'm definitely ready for a break, and with only 3 weeks left of this quarter and four more months until I graduate I am definitely ready.

I shot this outfit a while ago in my hometown at a park. I took the pictures in the evening and was about to leave when there was a gorgeous sunset behind the river. So I had to stay and try to photograph it. I'm still learning my camera, and I definitely want to invest in better lenses, but the last photo shows the gorgeous sky that day. I'm glad I was able to go exploring that evening. :)

Top: Gap (Old) \\ Jeans: Old \\ Scarf: Christmas Gift \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Polo Outlet \\ Bow Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick \\ Shoes: Target

How's your weekend?

Hooray for Lilly Pulitzer

It may be below freezing outside but I'm dreaming of all the new Lilly Pulitzer arrivals in here. I love all the new prints (there's lots of navy blue! :D) and cute shift dresses this season! 

Check out some of my favorites:

I love that rose blouse! It's one of my favorite Lilly Prints. And those shorts are adorable. I'm definitely going to have to keep all the cute new shift dresses in mind for my easter dress as well. 

Do you have new spring favorites?

A Coffee Kind of Day

I'm jealous of all you guys that are just starting back. School has really been kicking my butt! We only have a month left (thank goodness), but things are starting to pick up a lot! I feel like I have so much to cram into the next 3.5 weeks! 

Coffee has definitely been a necessity these past few weeks, especially with how cold it's been. I'm so ready for spring ya'll. Not only will the weather be nice (and not rainy, cold, and dreary), but I'll be out of my torturous technical writing class and it will be my last quarter as an undergrad! (College has seriously flown by...like I'm kind of mad at myself that I've gotten through in 4 years...)

I love my big comfy sweater from Old Navy, they didn't have a small and I really wanted the hunter green, so I got a medium...and I'm so glad I did. It's seriously the comfiest sweater I have. Paired with my tartan fleece scarf (that I think I accidentally stole from my mom...oops) and my grey polka-dotted thermal...I was toasty warm! :D

Coat: Forever 21 (Old) \\ Sweater: Old Navy \\ Thermal: Old Navy \\ Jeans: Old \\ Watch: Michael Kors \\ Scarf: Gifted \\ Boots: Piperlime

How's your quarter/semester going? Is it as stressful as mine?