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A Louisiana Sunset

Ya'll, I literally have to get up this morning and go to class...at 9 am. Yes, and I am writing this today. I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS ON A SATURDAY!!! Ugh. It for real sucks. See we're learning a new program, and our teachers decided that we would have a 2 day workshop on Friday and Saturday, because we have no better way to spend our Saturday than in class right? 

Anyways, there's my rant for the weekend. Other than that it's been pretty good. I'm definitely ready for a break, and with only 3 weeks left of this quarter and four more months until I graduate I am definitely ready.

I shot this outfit a while ago in my hometown at a park. I took the pictures in the evening and was about to leave when there was a gorgeous sunset behind the river. So I had to stay and try to photograph it. I'm still learning my camera, and I definitely want to invest in better lenses, but the last photo shows the gorgeous sky that day. I'm glad I was able to go exploring that evening. :)

Top: Gap (Old) \\ Jeans: Old \\ Scarf: Christmas Gift \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Polo Outlet \\ Bow Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick \\ Shoes: Target

How's your weekend?


  1. wow so so pretty!

    sorry you have to be in class this morning, they told us yesterday at work that we actually needed to work today too to get everything done for next week so i feel you sister!

    hope you enjoy your sunday off!

    xo mk

    1. That stinks! I really should be working on this project this weekend so it's not that bad. There will definitely be a nap later today though!!! :)

  2. This is super cute!
    Class on a Saturday? Ick!

  3. Ugh, I used to hate my Saturday classes. I once took a 8 hour class that was held on 4 Saturdays in July, it was BRUTAL! I do love your vest though!

    1. Thanks! That sucks! Mine was just a one day workshop, so definitely not as bad!! haha

  4. That sucks you have/had to spend today in class! At least your outfit is super cute! I need one of those bow bracelets.

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. Thanks Connie! I love my bracelet, now I want more! Haha

  5. This is the type of look I've been loving to wear lately! Glad you found my blog because now I found yours! :)

    xo Amanda