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All Bundled Up

Sadly (or not) our sneaux is all melted now. Maybe we can have spring now? Please? By the second day of our southern blizzard, though, it was basically ice. I almost busted it a ton! Four of us decided to walk up and get donuts that morning and it took much longer than expected due to all the slippery ice!

I felt like I had so many layers on! I totally felt like that kid from A Christmas Story...I was nice and warm though. I was wearing my running pants under my jeans and a thermal under my sweater and button down. I definitely feel like I look like a marshmallow in some of these pictures! 

Jeans: Old \\ Sweater: J.Crew Factory \\ Shirt: J.Crew Factory \\ Boots: Hunter \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Scarf: Gift \\ Gloves: Ralph Lauren \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Do ya'll still have snow? Or is it warming up like it is here? 


  1. This is SUPER cute! Loving the navy vest with the yellow boots!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Love that you're wearing such bright boots in weather like this!