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Pops of Red

I'm definitely not one to get all into Valentine's Day, even though I'm in a relationship it still just isn't one of my favorite holidays. Also, I don't want to be that annoying person decked out in pink on "Singles Awareness Day" (plus my roommate would probably hate me...)

This year I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend after class, but since I have a set of building drawings due in class...I will be very tired. Like...needed energy drinks to get me through the day tired, ugh. I feel like it will end up being a very low key night, which I'm definitely fine with. 

Red is such a bold color that adding just one or two accessories in it is perfect for Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, hot pink shirts with lipstick prints on them are cute, but I would literally only wear that one day (and probably only at night...not sure how comfortable I'd feel walking around campus with everyone else basically in their pajamas...).   

I found my necklace at Old Navy (along with an anchor one :D :D) and I love how simple and understated it is, yet still perfect for the holiday. I'll definitely get more use out of it than just today too! 

My bow is from Anchors Away Bows Boutique, I literally love her bows. I bought this one and a Lilly Pulitzer one and they're great for when I want to pull my hair back...but not wear a pony tail. 

Jeans: Old \\ Shoes: Steve Madden \\ Shirt: Express (It's my roommates) \\ Blazer: Old \\ Necklace: Old Navy \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (Similar) \\ Bow: Anchors Away Bows Boutique \\ Bag: Coach

Also if your a regular reader you might've notice Daughter of a Son of a Sailor has lost the .blogspot! It was one of my goals for this year and I'm so happy to have accomplished it! Thank you so much for all those who read and support this blog and I hope I can keep creating valuable content for you! :) 

Happy Valentine's Day! What are your plans for today? 


  1. Omgsh you look fabulous! I love the pops of red--and the cutouts on your shirt are too cute! We aren't big on Vday either but its a good excuse to stay home and eat chocolate and drink wine :)


    1. Thanks! And definitely! Although I usually don't need an excuse for wine and chocolate ;)

  2. I think the red bow is the perfect touch of red to add to your outfit. Your look super cute and that top is adorable. Enjoy dinner and have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a cute top!!!!! A cute outfit overall, but I especially like the top!


  4. love the pretty cut out detail on your top!

    Angie | http://www.thefashionfuse.com/

  5. nice drassing i love that and thankes for shring thanksssssssssss