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Sneaux Day

I finally got my snow day!! Well...two. And I had so much fun that I have to split it into two posts. Tuesday night it started legit snowing and it was so cool (we don't get that here). School was definitely cancelled for Wednesday so instead of doing homework, we went exploring:

The bridge over the train tracks was all icy and snowy and it was so pretty! We had to stop and take pictures. 

My boyfriend had to stay home and finish homework before he could come out and play with us, but we got him to snap a few pictured before our hair became completely soaked/frozen. 

The whole campus looked to peaceful, even the hill where a few frat houses are (which definitely isn't usually described as "peaceful") The snow made everything so much prettier too!  

Icicles literally hung off everything due to the rain earlier that day. I thought they were pretty and fun to knock off (they make that cool sound), my roommate had fun licking them...

There were literally like five other pictures of her jumping in licking stuff. I totally wanted to see if that thing from A Christmas Story was true. It would've been hilarious if her tongue got stuck!

My boyfriend had the great idea to sled down a hill nearby on our wake-boards. I grabbed mine and headed out there. It was so much fun/a little bit scary. Everyone sledding on rubbermaid containers was totally jealous of us. ;)

The snow accumulations on things was gorgeous. I loved how it sparkled in the light. 

By the end of the night I was soaking wet, my hair was literally frozen as were my fingers and feet, and I was completely worn out! But it was so worth it and so much fun! 

Pants: Old Navy // Boots: L.L. Bean // Gloves: Ralph Lauren // Jacket: J.Crew Factory \\ Vest: Old Navy \\ Scarf: Old

What do you like to do on snow days?


  1. I just got back from sledding in Atlanta! I used a boogie board with a slick bottom. So much fun!

    Strawberry Chic

    1. that sounds fun! all ours is melting now... oh well

  2. Looks like you had such a fun time. And the picture with the frozen icicles is gorgeous!


  3. Wow you made all that snow look so beautiful (and thats coming from a girl who is SO SICK OF SNOW!). Hope you enjoyed your snow day!