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3 Ways to Wear Spring Trends: Denim Jacket

I'm pretty sure I haven't worn a denim jacket since middle school, but I love how they're making a comeback. They're seriously the perfect casual jacket for spring, especially in the south where a trench coat can be a bit heavy. 

For today's post I thought it would be fun to put together three looks with a denim jacket, it's definitely a staple that I'm going to have to pick up at some point soon this spring! 

Look #1: Day to Night 
Jacket: J.Crew Factory \\ Jeans: J.Crew Factory \\ Top: J.Crew Factory \\ Bag: Kate Spade \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban \\ Shoes: J.Crew \\ Bracelet: J.Crew \\ Watch: Kate Spade \\ Necklace: J.Crew

I love this look for going out, especially at night in the spring when it can get a little cool. The denim jacket definitely makes it a bit more understated but I feel like it makes it that much cooler for a going out look. Maybe switch out the shoes from straps sandals to kitten heels or loafers and you have the perfect transition day to night look from winter to spring.

Look #2: Sweetly Spring
Jacket: J.Crew Factory // Dress: Modcloth // Shoes: J.Crew // Bag: Modcloth // Bracelets: Kate Spade & Kiel James Patrick // Earrings: Kate Spade // Necklace: Modcloth

I feel like this would be a great outfit for a spring event, especially a day-evening one. I definitely wish I had this look last year when I went up to Ohio in May for a wedding. I was freezing at night in my dress! It's also a great way to dress down an Easter dress to make it more versatile. Just switch out the heels for some cute flats and loose some of the sparkles and voila! Perfect easy spring look or summer sundress outfit! :) Also I have seriously been lusting over that dress from Modcloth!

Look #3: Fabulous Florals

Jacket: J.Crew Factory \\ Shirt: Old Navy \\ Shorts: J.Crew Factory \\ Shoes: J.Crew Factory \\ Bag: Modcloth \\ Bracelets: J.Crew & Keil James Patrick \\ Necklace: J.Crew \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I love this casual eclectic look, with the denim jacket it's the perfect casual outfit for spring. I would totally wear this on the weekends and I feel like it would be the perfect outfit to wear out shopping, to the park, or to a spring-y picnic. 

Will you be participating in the denim jacket trend this spring?


  1. I love this! My jean jacket it one of my favorite spring/summer accessories, I especially love to wear it over a sun dress. Only a couple more weeks and it will be warm enough to wear it!

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely going to have to get me one this season! :D

  2. I've never actually owned a jean jacket, but I love how you've styled it!


  3. I absolutely love the first two! Nothing is prettier in the summer than a light dress and a denim jacket. It's a little country and a lot sweet.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  4. I love these! Especially the third one with the florals and stripes. I've been contemplating getting a jacket again, but its annoying since I used to own one and gave it to Plato's Closet! Oh well..

    Strawberry Chic

    1. Haha, yeah I had mine a long time ago too (I think it was from abercrombie kids? haha), I may just have to join this trend though! :D

  5. I absolutely LOVE the first outfit! Those leopard shoes are everything. xo

    1. I know right!! I love the leopard heels! :D J.Crew always has the best stuff...

  6. love denim jackets with girly items! Great outfit #1 is my favorite


  7. I, too haven't worn a denim jacket in years! in middle and high school, I was all about this one that i got from delias and another i got from old navy! i don't own one right now but i've been seeing quite a few looks (yours included) to inspire me to get one!

    1. Haha, I totally had a jacket from Delias too! Old Navy actually has some really cute ones right now that I noticed the last time I was in there.

  8. Absolutely loveee your mix of patterns in the last option. The denim jacket is a great way to tone down those contrasting pieces. Love it!