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The Best Boat Shoes are the Worn Ones

I was so happy to be able to go take these picture on the ONE nice day this break. Because we're on the quarter system, our spring break is always super early. Ah well, spring will come soon enough.

 I definitely was happy to get to wear shorts and I totally went all out with this nautical look. It's always a good day when I get to break out the boat shoes (Sperry's are seriously the best! They go with everything!) The little beach (sandbar) on the river was so pretty, and being able to walk around in the sand for these pictures was so fun! It made me feel like I was almost at the beach! :D

Top: Gift from my roomie (Thanks!) \\ Shorts: Old Navy \\ Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider \\ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban \\ Watch: Michael Kors \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory

What are your plans for spring break this year? 


  1. Such a cute look! I can't wait till it's warm enough for me to rock a pair of shorts and sperrys again!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I love the top. The fit and the color are lovely.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo