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Ladies Who Lunch

Today is the big day for me! Moving into my new apartment and getting settled for the first time! This week I've enlisted some help through guest posts. Today's post is from Tiffany who blogs over at Commoner Couture. Be sure to check her out and enjoy the post! :)

Chances are we have all drooled over the fashions on shows like Gossip Girl, and may have even asked if we’re a Carrie or not. If you dream of lunching at an Upper East Side chic restaurant or even you’re more of a Starbucks and MacBook kind of gal, you might be one of the “ladies who lunch.” The phrase may have long been associated with stuffy, well-to-do women clutching their pearls. But now the phrase can be applied to any fashionista who considers dining out a social hour and a chance to showcase some fun style. 

Whether you’re running off to grab an iced coffee solo or making lunch a social event, get inspired by this fresh take on a sophisticated, “lunch” outfit. Keep the outfit classic with a nod to timeless pieces like polka dots and pearls. The skirt has a retro-fifties feel with its high-waist and midi hemline. Pearls are revived in this bauble featuring clustered oversized pearls. A cropped graphic tee is both cheeky and modern and makes the outfit a little more playful. Neutral accessories like this floppy-hat, oversized sunnies, and a sensible Mary Jane pump, make the outfit feel both glamorous and chic. Finish everything off with a fresh face and a pink-hued lip tint, and the food won’t be the only thing people are talking about while you dine.


  1. love that polka dot skirt and pink tee! such a cute brunch outfit :)

  2. This would be perfect for brunch or casual lunch with the girls!