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Statement Pieces for the Home

I'm sure ya'll love hearing my play by play of how my apartment is coming together, but now that I have most of my furniture...it's all kind of bare. Almost every piece of furniture I have is white because I love the clean/minimalist look, with bright fun accessories of course. And that's where I'm lacking, I've been scouring the internet and imagining how all the cute things would look in here if only I could have it all (#thestruggleisreal).  

Unfortunately I can't have it all, so I'm collecting. I love the Greek Key pillows and I totally want three Euro's for my bed. The spotted ones would be adorable on my new sofa (or the placemats!). I definitely NEED the tortoiseshell tray for my kitchen island to put things in...and I've already got spaces picked out for the Kate Spade clock and the adorable vase. Sigh...

What are your favorites?

Fall Transition Pieces

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about fall clothes since it's the middle of summer! It was such a long cold winter (and spring) that it doesn't even feel like I should be thinking about bundling up again (urgh...).

But I was (finally) doing some online clothing shopping at J.Crew, of course, and there were so many sweaters and dark hues and this awesome herringbone vest that I wasn't able to get last year! And that, my friends, is what inspired this post. I was thinking that I might as well start getting fall clothes since summer is (sadly) on it's way out. So here's some ways to incorporate your new autumn purchases into your summer wardrobe so you won't be looking at them longingly for 2 months (or in Texas...4).

3. Skirt (Similar) \\ Purse \\ Earrings \\ Blouse

Are you planning on wearing your fall purchases now?

Little Details

Top: Banana Republic Outlet \\ Belt: Express \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Jeans: Old \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory

A big thanks to Rebecca from The Peach Bellini for the gorgeous pictures! :)

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Tootsies Top Blogger

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going great. I thought I would write a short post about an event I got to attend: Tootsies Top Blogger. I must admit, I've never heard of Tootsies before, but the store is fabulous! I will definitely be going back soon!  

I wasn't sure what to expect, but the event was basically an awards show for some of the best bloggers in Dallas. Which is super cool. The finalists included:

Lauren from Murphy's Law
Cristina from My Fashion Juice
Tanya from Film Fashion Fun
Blair, Ellen, & Janie from The Perrennial Style
Kelley from The Style Barn Co
Kendall from Dallas Tidbits

All of the blogs are awesome and you all should definitely check them out! They got to design collections for a fashion show from the clothes around the store (jealous.), the looks were great! It was really hard for me to have a favorite!

After the show we got to shop, eat cupcakes and ice cream, and got these darling swag bags (note the drink mix!!). I also got to meet a fellow blogger: Rebecca from The Peach Bellini. Her blog is adorable! Definitely check hers out too. All in all, it was a great night! It was so much fun to get to check out a bit of Dallas' fashion scene.

Tips for Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I finally got a minute to breathe between work, taking care of my new pet, and holding my breath for my boyfriends possible employment (he's now a contributing member of society y'all! Woo!), and I got to take a look at the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (late I know).

I'm a little weary of sales, probably because I used to buy stuff just because it was on sale and I had a whole lot of nothing (but doesn't everyone look back at their high school wardrobe and cringe?), that being said, I hate paying full price for things and sales are a great way to score some really great things that you'd otherwise not be able/willing to buy. Check out some of my ways to shop smart when navigating an awesome sale (because lets be real, I totally want everything "Kate Spade" and "Tory Burch").

Photo Credit: Ktoine

1. Basics \\ Sales are a great way for stores to get rid of all their last season or last years stuff to make room for all the new collections. Which means it's already out dated. Use huge sales to score some great basics and staples that will last a long time. These amazing Tory Burch flats? Heck yes. A hot pink bag...ehh maybe not.

2. Stick to your list \\ Make sure you know what you need. It's about to be fall and time to go shopping for layers and coats. It's the perfect time for a closet cleaning and organizing. Make sure you know what you have and what you need and don't deviate. It's really easy to buy a hundredth statement necklace because it's on sale and you'll wear it, but wouldn't it be better spent on a nice pair of riding boots or new bag for work?

3. Don't buy something you're not in love with \\ This is my biggest tip for sales and shopping in general. It has helped me so much avoid purchases that will sit in my closet and never get worn. If I find something and I don't feel like I absolutely have to have, I know I shouldn't get it. I have made the mistake too many times of buying something because I liked it but didn't love it and then was sick 3 months later when it still had the price tags on it. Besides, wouldn't it be amazing to have a closet that you truly loved every piece of?

What are your favorites from the sale? And I'd love to hear your shopping tips!

And of course I can't make a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post without posting my favorites! So here's what I'm currently lusting over from the sale. A girl can dream right?

Pink and Polka Dots

Shorts: J.Crew Factory \\ Shirt: T.J. Maxx \\ Sandals: Banana Republic Factory \\ Bracelet: Old Navy \\ Necklace: Kendra Scott

This weekend was so relaxing, I literally did nothing (except get a cat!!), which was much better than last weekend when I had my old roommate in town and went out every night. Ugh. It was fun to a point, but I can't handle all that. I'm too much of a homebody... 

A breezy polka-dot tank top and brightly colored shorts is the perfect way to spend the weekend in my neighborhood. :)

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Kendra Scott Glam Rocks Collection

I'm so excited to share with you all the event I was able to attend with Kendra Scott and The Southwest Blogger Society. Kendra Scott just premiered her adorable fall jewelry line: Glam Rocks, and it was so fun getting to sip champagne and get a first look!

Top: Express (Old) \\ Jeans: J.Crew \\ Shoes: Old Navy (Old) \\ Bracelets: Old Navy & Ralph Lauren \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory

The shop was absolutely adorable inside and out, it was located in West Village, Dallas with a new urbanist vibe and tons more stores I will be going back to (hello Club Monaco!) and of course as bloggers we had to document our outfits! 

Champagne was definitely appreciated after fighting Dallas traffic on the way, I seriously think I will never get used to it! The balloons spelled out G-L-A-M and the treats were adorable (and really delicious)...when I get my bar cart, the girls at Kendra Scott need to come out and style it...like for real.

I love the iridescent color of this one! Isn't that deep purple perfect for fall?

I'm not sure where I would ever wear this, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to hold my head up...but isn't this statement necklace the most gorgeous thing ever!?

I definitely want one of these in every color, they are the perfect subtle yet fun studs!  

I absolutely adore the bright and bold colors of the new fall collection and I got to take the dainty little pink necklace in the photo above home with me, which will be my first of many Kendra Scott pieces I'm sure...   

And then this was seriously the coolest thing to me, they have this Color Bar set up with iPads and computers where you can design your own jewelry and have it made custom for you right in the store! I'm pretty sure I played on the iPad for like 20 minutes making different designs...

Make sure to check out the entire Glam Rocks Collection on their website, and let me know what you think! 

Some more of my favorites:

Summer Brights

I've been seriously loving bright statement necklaces lately. I'm not sure if it's because since starting work I've been wearing a combination of three colors: navy, black, and white; or if it's because I've been spending every extra cent of my paycheck on furnishing/decorating my new apartment (TOTALLY worth it btw) and I'm feeling kind of frivolous. 

Whatever it is, I've found myself heading straight to the accessory department whilst shopping longing for all the pretty baubles. Check out a few of my favorites! :)

1. Kate Spade \\  2. J.Crew Factory \\ 3. Kendra Scott \\ 4. J.Crew Factory \\ 5. Lee Angel

I absolutely love the bright yellow one (I've been a little obsessed with neon as well) and the orange and blue one...it's such a great color combo for the warmer months.

Do you embrace bright accessories in the summer? What are your favorites?

Annnd....some more :)

Summer Beauty Essentials

I love summer because I feel like my makeup routine is so much easier, especially when a tan is the best foundation! It also definitely an excuse to experiment with bright and fun colors that I just don't get a chance too in winter. There's just something about effortless summer looks that look so great and below are my essentials to create them. 

I'm a sufferer of dry skin, not too dry but just enough that if I don't take care of it I'll look kind of drab. However, I'm not sure what is in the air but my skin has been acting up so bad since moving to Dallas. I honestly didn't think a city literally three hours down the road from where I grew up could be so drastically less humid, and I'm loving it, but it's wreaking havoc on my skin! Which is why a lot of my summer essentials have to do with moisturizing or illuminating. 

I seriously swear by the Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy. I picked it up one night out of desperation when my lips where horribly chapped (TMI I know) in the middle of winter and it is seriously magic...magic that tastes like Fruit Loops. Seriously, so find it like now. 

In the summer I like playing up my tan, since I was blessed with skin that tans really easily and doesnt burn, so I like to use Nars' Laguna Illuminator coupled with Nars' Orgasm blush. The combination gives the perfect sun-kissed glow. I'm also a fan of brighter lip balms and glossed (like orange!) for my tan skin. And I almost avoid lipstick all together during the warner months. It's too heavy! 

What are your summer makeup essentials? Any tips?


Top: T.J. Maxx \\ Shorts: T.J. Maxx \\ Shoes: Old Navy \\ Necklace: Kohl's \\ Bracelet: J.Crew Factory (Similar)

I know I don't usually blog on Friday but I missed yesterdays post (sorry!) and thought I'd share. Don't you love finding amazing things at T.J. Maxx? That's totally how I feel about this outfit. Both pieces are from there and they may be a few of my favorites! Perfect for a Friday evening shopping and having drinks with friends! Cheers to the weekend!

What are your plans this weekend?

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What's in My Beach Bag?

I can't believe it's already the middle of July! Summer is flying by, and it has barely felt like summer with starting a new job and getting settled in a new city. This past weekend I went out to the pool for the first time and it was great, it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday and long July 4th weekend...and it inspired this post. 

I always love to read about what other people carry around with them (is that weird?) so I thought I'd write my own. Check out a few of my favorite things to take to the pool: :)
Bag \\ I'm totally always the one with the giant oversize beach bag stuffed full with stuff I don't need, or end up not using (pretty sure I end up taking my entire library...), which is why I love this big canvas bag with pockets and such to stay organized...because even when relaxing I'm still a bit OCD. 

Baseball Cap \\ Caps have definitely been an essential the past few summers, and I've enjoyed growing quite the collection. They're perfect for a day at the pool because they'll hold my hair back and I can stick it over my face and take a nap :)

Sunglasses \\ Of course this is an essential in the summer, especially at the pool with the glare of the water and concrete. I like thin wayfarers or aviators so I don't get giant sunglasses tan lines (which has totally happened to me before...)

Flip Flops \\ Pretty sure this is the only time you'll ever catch me in flip flops, but they're definitely the perfect accessory to the pool for obvious reasons. These American flag Vineyard Vines ones would've been perfect for last weekend!

Beach Towel \\ Obviously this is a pool day essential, I love my monogrammed one that my mother got for me, but isn't this retro-inspired J.Crew one just perfect!! I need it!

 Tumbler \\ I always have to have a drink with me when laying out. A nice glass of lemonade or ice water is perfect, and this Kate Spade tumbler is too cute! :)

After Sun Lotion \\ I'm kind of bad about putting on sunscreen (oops) because I generally don't burn (unless I'm on the white sandy Floridian beaches for 4 hours straight without sunscreen...then I'm laying  in bed in pain the next day...true story), but I do enjoy a good after sun lotion especially since my skin tends to be on the dry side. 

Enter Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. I got a bottle to try from them and recently used it this weekend, and I love it. It makes me skin feel great after laying out in the sun, which usually drys it out. It smells great too and has aloe in it. Using an after sun lotion is actually very important, it helps your skin after being subjected to harsh UV rays and helps to maintain your tan.

What's in your beach bag?

4th of July

Shirt: Polo \\ Shoes: Old \\ Shorts: J.Crew Factory \\ Belt: Old \\ Bracelet: Tiffany's

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. Mine was awesome! It was a perfect first holiday in Dallas! The boyfriend and I hung out all day starting with going to see "America the Movie" (it was great, everyone should go see it), then we went to a Kansas (!!!) concert with a fireworks show after.

For a casual 4th I chose a classic outfit with subtle red, white, and blue touches. A soft oxford and chinos was perfect for sitting on the grass watching fireworks and comfy oxford shoes was great for all the walking. 

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How was your 4th of July weekend?

Stars and Stripes

Happy (almost) Fourth of July everyone! I seriously cannot wait! Tonight there's a huge fireworks show and tomorrow we're all going to see "America," have you seen the trailer...because it looks awesome! It also a long weekend for me, which is my first since starting my new job and much needed.

Stars and Stripes
Shirt: J.Crew \\ Earrings: J.Crew \\ Watch: Brooks Brothers \\ Shoes: Keds \\ Shorts: J.Crew Factory \\ Hat: Smathers and Branson \\ iPhone Case: Brooks Brothers \\ Bracelet: Brooks Brothers \\ Belt: Brooks Brothers

For the 4th I like to keep my look low key and pick classic Americana pieces, a breezy oxford and nantucket red shorts are perfect for watching fireworks or running around with sparklers yourself. A needlepoint hat or belt representing Old Glory is definitely the perfect accessory to top off your look. :)

What are you wearing for July 4th?

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Garden Party

Top: J.Crew Factory \\ Shorts: J.Crew \\ Shoes: Banana Republic \\ Necklace: J.Crew Factory \\ Bracelets: J.Crew Factory (Similar) and Old Navy

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