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Fall Transition Pieces

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about fall clothes since it's the middle of summer! It was such a long cold winter (and spring) that it doesn't even feel like I should be thinking about bundling up again (urgh...).

But I was (finally) doing some online clothing shopping at J.Crew, of course, and there were so many sweaters and dark hues and this awesome herringbone vest that I wasn't able to get last year! And that, my friends, is what inspired this post. I was thinking that I might as well start getting fall clothes since summer is (sadly) on it's way out. So here's some ways to incorporate your new autumn purchases into your summer wardrobe so you won't be looking at them longingly for 2 months (or in Texas...4).

3. Skirt (Similar) \\ Purse \\ Earrings \\ Blouse

Are you planning on wearing your fall purchases now?


  1. As much as I don't want to think about fall right now, I do love you picks for transition pieces mainly because I could wear them now since my office is so cold!

    1. Thanks! I totally know what you mean! I wear long sleeves everyday to work and bring hot coffee. It's crazy when it's like 100 degrees outside!