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Summer Beauty Essentials

I love summer because I feel like my makeup routine is so much easier, especially when a tan is the best foundation! It also definitely an excuse to experiment with bright and fun colors that I just don't get a chance too in winter. There's just something about effortless summer looks that look so great and below are my essentials to create them. 

I'm a sufferer of dry skin, not too dry but just enough that if I don't take care of it I'll look kind of drab. However, I'm not sure what is in the air but my skin has been acting up so bad since moving to Dallas. I honestly didn't think a city literally three hours down the road from where I grew up could be so drastically less humid, and I'm loving it, but it's wreaking havoc on my skin! Which is why a lot of my summer essentials have to do with moisturizing or illuminating. 

I seriously swear by the Neosporin Overnight Renewal Therapy. I picked it up one night out of desperation when my lips where horribly chapped (TMI I know) in the middle of winter and it is seriously magic...magic that tastes like Fruit Loops. Seriously, so find it like now. 

In the summer I like playing up my tan, since I was blessed with skin that tans really easily and doesnt burn, so I like to use Nars' Laguna Illuminator coupled with Nars' Orgasm blush. The combination gives the perfect sun-kissed glow. I'm also a fan of brighter lip balms and glossed (like orange!) for my tan skin. And I almost avoid lipstick all together during the warner months. It's too heavy! 

What are your summer makeup essentials? Any tips?


  1. I know the feeling regarding the dry skin! I use a daily exfoliator and some sort of oil (coconut or argon) to keep it manageable. I love your product round-up. I haven't used the Neorsporin lip treatment, but you best believe I'm going to purchase it! I've also looked into the NARS laguna liquid product, I love the powder bronzer!

    XO Strawberry Chic