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Tips for Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I finally got a minute to breathe between work, taking care of my new pet, and holding my breath for my boyfriends possible employment (he's now a contributing member of society y'all! Woo!), and I got to take a look at the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (late I know).

I'm a little weary of sales, probably because I used to buy stuff just because it was on sale and I had a whole lot of nothing (but doesn't everyone look back at their high school wardrobe and cringe?), that being said, I hate paying full price for things and sales are a great way to score some really great things that you'd otherwise not be able/willing to buy. Check out some of my ways to shop smart when navigating an awesome sale (because lets be real, I totally want everything "Kate Spade" and "Tory Burch").

Photo Credit: Ktoine

1. Basics \\ Sales are a great way for stores to get rid of all their last season or last years stuff to make room for all the new collections. Which means it's already out dated. Use huge sales to score some great basics and staples that will last a long time. These amazing Tory Burch flats? Heck yes. A hot pink bag...ehh maybe not.

2. Stick to your list \\ Make sure you know what you need. It's about to be fall and time to go shopping for layers and coats. It's the perfect time for a closet cleaning and organizing. Make sure you know what you have and what you need and don't deviate. It's really easy to buy a hundredth statement necklace because it's on sale and you'll wear it, but wouldn't it be better spent on a nice pair of riding boots or new bag for work?

3. Don't buy something you're not in love with \\ This is my biggest tip for sales and shopping in general. It has helped me so much avoid purchases that will sit in my closet and never get worn. If I find something and I don't feel like I absolutely have to have, I know I shouldn't get it. I have made the mistake too many times of buying something because I liked it but didn't love it and then was sick 3 months later when it still had the price tags on it. Besides, wouldn't it be amazing to have a closet that you truly loved every piece of?

What are your favorites from the sale? And I'd love to hear your shopping tips!

And of course I can't make a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post without posting my favorites! So here's what I'm currently lusting over from the sale. A girl can dream right?

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  1. I totally agree with stick to the basics, I've been trying to stick with more classic pieces that next go out of style and can be mixed and matched.