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Girls Night Out

My ideal weekend usually consists of pajamas, blogging, and Netflix watching with Pepper curled up beside me, however when it's my best friends 22nd birthday...I had to make an exception. It was actually fun getting all dolled up and staying out past 11...ya'll I actually have so few "going out" clothes that I had to run an pick up a cheap pair of jeans from Forever 21 that looked dressy enough (that I actually kind of like, score!).

And speaking of budget fashion, I have seriously been wearing these Target booties everywhere. Target has some awesome shoes this season!


  1. Love that shirt! Express is one of those places that I would love to shop at more often, but don't always have the money for it. That shirt isn't too expensive, though! I definitely need more "going out" clothes, that's for sure!

  2. Those booties are fantastic! Such a great going out outfit, you look awesome!