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Shift into Fall

One of my favorite trends this season is the mod/shift dresses trend. Maybe it's my profession (architecture), but I love structured dresses over flow-y and frilly ones. And I feel like structured shift dresses inspired by the 60's are perfect for fall, especially with leather accents, embellishments and cute collars. I definitely could see myself wearing them out with friends or even to work. Paired with booties, tights, and a Jackie-O inspired peacoat (like this one perhaps?), and voila! Perfect fall outfit!

Check out some of my favorite shift dresses by clicking through the widget below:

Are you on board for the mod trend this season?


  1. Love those!! & love your idea to pair them with a peacoat!

    xo, K

  2. Some of those shift dresses are super cute! My favorite kind of dress is the fit and flare dress though :) Mckenzie
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  3. I especially love the leather options since I can't get enough leather this fall. They are perfect for fall when I'm not yet ready to give up my dresses for pants!

  4. I always love seeing bloggers who are similar to me! I'm a civil engineer, so I definitely understand your more "scientific" professional life overflowing into your clothing and blogging!

    Life of Emily

  5. Leather anything, and I'm in. While part of me wishes that I was a bohemian beauty, my body type (and conservative office) is better suited for shift dresses.

    Megan // www.fyeahblog.com

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