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3 Ways to Style a Fur Vest

I'm definitely a fan of the "buy less, choose well" mentality...especially after going through a Forever 21 phase at the end of high school and basically not being able to wear anything after about 3 washes. I'm also not a huge trend follower anymore for the same reason. That being said, there's sometimes when fast fashion really comes in handy. Like the fact that I've been LOVING the fur trend (and these booties!)

I can't see myself reaching for a fur vest every day while getting ready, but I love the H&M version for this winter when I want to make an outfit pop! Read on for three ways to style this fabulous find:

Casual: Vest || Shirt || Booties || Jeans || Bag || Necklace
Modern: Vest || Top || Bag || Skirt || Heels
Party: Vest || Dress (Similar) || Heels || Clutch

Are you going to jump on the fur trend this season?


  1. oh my goodness I love this! where did you find that dress at?!?

    1. I know right!? Sorry I forgot to add the link yesterday morning! It's up now :)

  2. This post is great! I've been debating on buying a fur vest, because I wasn't sure how to wear it everyday. Now I have so many ideas on how I can style it with what I already own. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from the HCBN daily follow train :D Love your idea to style the fur vest. Especially the modern outfit!