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Sweater Weather

It was finally cold enough to layer up this week so I took advantage and wore all the winter and fall clothes that I've been dying to pull out! I love the look of layering in the fall/winter and for the first month or so it's really fun (until it gets tiring). My J.Crew feild jacket was definitely a worthwhile purchase. It's such a great jacket to throw on when a peacoat is just too heavy or when dressing down is appropriate. Like running some weekend errands.

Have a great Sunday! And stay warm! (P.S. it might snow here tonight...fingers crossed!)


  1. You look adorable! I absolutely love this look. The plaid shirt looks great under the sweater. I need that coat.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I love the v-neck look with the button down layered underneath. So cute! Plus, the necklace ads the perfect touch.


  3. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now
    Hope you'll like mine too!