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Winter Wishlist

I'm loving the cozy and luxurious (hello fur?) styles this season. Especially all the rich and glamorous colors. (I seriously cannot get enough of maroon and gold this year.) This winter I'm definitely focusing on bringing a little more glitz to my closet! 


This season I'm totally head over heels for fur and metallics (who isn't?). I love how glamorous yet classic they look, especially with more toned down silhouettes like those metallic loafers. This season, I definitely think it's about adding a few glitz-y statement pieces to your wardrobe to make even a casual look a little more glamorous. 

What's on your wish-list this winter?


  1. Leopard coat! I have been looking high and low for one that isn't too spotted, but also thick and comfortable. I guess I am just too picky when it comes to the leopard pattern...

    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. Love those City Girl flats. So cute!