9 Closet Essentials Worth The Investment

I'm a big believer in "investment pieces," in fact that's what I've been working on since I moved (and got a big girl job) and one of my new years resolutions is to round out my closet's timeless pieces collection. While there's definitely a place for "fast fashion" and trends, every wardrobe needs a solid foundation of neutral pieces that will go with everything. Read on for my 9 pieces that should be the foundation for your closet.  


1. Classic Trench Coat - A great trench coat is definitely number one on my list. They're so versatile and SO WORTH the investment. They literally can be worn year round and with anything: layered in the winter, on crisp autumn and spring mornings, and on cool summer nights. I love this polished and preppy one from J.Crew that will look great for years to come. 

2. Black Pumps - A great pair of black heels are definitely worth the splurge. I probably wear my black pumps at least 3X a week to work and to events when I've wanted to dress up my outfit. They go with (almost) everything and are a simple and chic way to dress up an outfit. 

3. Polished Blazer - Ah the power of a good blazer. I'm pretty sure that no matter what I'm wearing, if I add my black or navy blazer to it I will look instantly professional and like I'm about to walk into an important business meeting. Which is great for someone who regularly gets mistaken for a high schooler. I love how polished and put together blazers make an outfit look, which is why they're #3 on my closet essentials list. 

4. Comfy Pair of Jeans - Everyone has that ONE pair of jeans that instantly makes them feel better. Mine are J.Crew's dark wash skinny ankle jeans in size 25 (ankle jeans fit me like normal ones should). If I'm at a loss for what to wear, I know they've always got my back. I also love these distressed ankle jeans…they look super comfy. :)

5. Riding Boots - These Tory Burch riding boots are definitely an investment, and one I'm still saving for, but I love how timeless they look. I have another pair of brown riding boots that are the perfect thing to throw on in the winter because they literally go with everything. My eventual goal is to have three: black, light brown, and dark brown. A girl can dream right? 

6. LBD - I couldn't make a closet essentials post without mentioning the infamous LBD. But seriously, they work for every occasion. Like Every. Single. One. I have a theory that, like shoes, a girl can never have enough little black dresses. 

7. Classic Peacoat - A nice wool peacoat is the perfect chic layer to your winter wardrobe (and oh so warm). I love the classic colors like navy and black, but brighter versions are a great way to add a pop of color during those dull winter days.

8. Crisp Oxfords - Once again: versatile. I'm always adding more oxfords to my collection. They're the perfect effortless yet professional work shirt and when I'm rushing out the door in the morning I need a tried and true formula: Oxford, neutral slacks, black pumps, and maybe a blazer. 

9. Casual Loafers - Comfortable shoes that will take me anywhere, that how I describe my loafers. I absolutely love how my Weejuns will go with everything and make any casual outfit look polished and preppy. They're super comfortable too, which is why they definitely made the wardrobe staples list…plus they're super in style right now and you can find them in tons of patterns and colors! 

Did I miss anything? What are your wardrobe essentials?