Get in Shape in 2015 with ClassPass

Ever since I moved to Dallas after graduation, I have been slacking super hard on fitness. I was pretty good about going for a nightly run but then it started getting dark early and cold and staying in and watching Community on Hulu was way more fun (and warm) than going on a run. Also, I've never had to pay for a gym before since in high school I was a swimmer and in college it was included in my tuition...which made it hard to commit to going somewhere for $100 a month plus contract when before I got it for essentially zilch.

Enter ClassPass -- Jessica reached out to me asking if I would try out a unique fitness program that just started in Dallas (and is already in a ton of other big cities). Basically for $99 a month you get unlimited fitness classes at a TON of different studios (I did the math -- if you do 5 per week its essentially $5 per class -- although as hard as I tried there was NO WAY I was going to be able to do 5 Boot Camps a week). A non-committal unlimited workout program?...Hallelujah!

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ClassPass literally has everything (at least in the DFW area), from yoga and Pilates to boot camp and there was some really cool ones like rock climbing and a surfing fitness class. My favorites are the high intensity ones -- especially spinning. I didn't try any of the yoga or pilates classes, because I KNOW how good it's supposed to be for you but I just get way too impatient holding poses.

I only found 2 downsides:

1. You can only go to a given studio 3 times per month, which did keep me getting a good variety and it wasn't that big of an issue because there are multiple studios offering the kind of workouts I was looking for (Spin, HITT, Boot Camp, TRX, etc.) However, at the end of the month the studios I was interested in that offered classes in my time slots did start to get a little skimpy, and it would've been nice to go to the studios in my area more than 3 times (Dallas traffic SUCKS)...but one of my favorite studios I tried out was about a 20 minute drive.

2. If you cancel after 24 hours before your class you are charged a $20 cancellation fee (and lose 1 of your 3 classes at that studio for the month)...and I had to miss two classes unexpectedly. One because of a work meeting that ran super late and another because I found out the day after my office Christmas party that I apparently cannot drink red wine (I had one glass and Red Wine Headache is a thing...I'm not an alcoholic I swear). It definitely takes some planning and coordination when signing up for classes but on the other hand it definitely made me think twice about skipping on the days when I "just didn't feel like working out."

All in all I LOVED ClassPass and the idea of basically a Netflix for working out. If you're one of the people (like me!) with the New Years Resolution to get in shape, ClassPass is a great option instead of a traditional gym, especially if you're still figuring out what you like and what works for you.

How are you staying in shape during the new year?