Resort 2015 Favorites

I realize that it is only the middle of January but I am having some major spring fever ya'll. It has been absolutely miserable down here in Dallas literally the whole year (past two weeks). I'm so excited that this weekend the temperature will crawl above 50 degrees and I might actually get to see some sun. 

That being said I've looked up way too many beach vacations that I can't afford and I am just dreaming about being able to wear all the new resort and spring collections filling up my inbox and shopping bag.  Just two more months, ya'll…we can do this!

One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven || Eight

I've definitely been lusting over the new Kate Spade swimwear line, as if Kate Spade wasn't perfect enough (if only it was warm enough now…or if I was in Florida). I simply can't wait for the days of bright colors and light breezy clothes. Let the countdown begin!