Kate Spade NYFW Presentation

First off I would like to apologize for being absent for the past week. Work/life has been really hectic lately so a small hiatus from blogging was much needed. Now that I'm refreshed and rejuvenated the blog will return to it's normal posting schedule (I'm sorry!).

Secondly…have you seen the new Kate Spade looks from their 2015 NYFW presentation. I must admit, I didn't even realize that it was fall fashion week already until I saw a bunch of blog posts about it, which reminded me that I better check out the new Kate Spade arrivals…and they definitely did not disappoint. Check out some of my favorite's below. 

You can see all of the looks here. After going through them, I'm in love (as usual)! They're so adorable that I almost (key word…almost) am ready to skip over spring/summer and jump right back into fall fashion shopping. Side note…any Dallasite here that feel totally jipped with the freezing cold weather this week? I sure do.

Anyways. If you're like me and think 7 months is way too long to wait for all the adorable Kate Spade looks, check out my favorite new arrivals for spring (that you can actually shop!)
Which are your favorite?