3 Ways to Wear Spring Neutrals

I love color and adding punches of it to my wardrobe, but in reality I'm a huge minimalist. Nine times out of ten I gravitate toward variations of black and white...which is why I'm so obsessed with all the soft neutrals this season! I feel like wearing neutrals can make an outfit look so effortless and chic, and they're always timeless and classic plus super versatile. Check out 3 ways I plan on styling the neutral trend this spring:

1. Shorts || Shirt || Necklace || iPhone Case || Sunglasses || Bracelet || Flats || Bag
2. Shirt || Jeans || Necklace || Shoes || Bag
3. Pants || Blazer || Top || Bag || Shoes || Necklace || Sunglasses || Earrings

How do you like the neutral trend this season?