Baublebar Instagram Giveaway!

Ya'll, I am super excited about this one! Some Dallas bloggers and I have banded together to bring you an awesome Instagram giveaway from Baublebar‚Ķbecause now that bundling up is over (hopefully) it's time to show off your bling ;) and get some new statement pieces. 

I've seen some loop giveaways on Instagram for a while but never really paid that much attention to them. They're actually pretty cool, just follow the bloggers in the loop and your entered to win a ton of pretty jewelry. 

I think my favorite is probably the blue turquoise necklace, which I may end up having to get for myself as well. It's just so gorgeous! I love all the colors for spring and since layering is out of the question in the Texas heat during spring and summer, statement pieces are great ways to add interest to your outfits.

Check out some of my favorite spring pieces from Baublebar in the widget below and be sure to enter to win some great spring pieces yourself over on Insta! :)

Which are your favorites?