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Spring Forward

Bangle (C\O) || Shoes || Bag (Similar) || Top - It's on Sale! :) || Belt (Similar) || Blazer || Sunglasses

The girls over at The Collegiate Standard were nice enough to send me the adorable anchor bangle I'm wearing, and it's totally the perfect piece to be starting off the spring season with (especially because I'm a little anchor obsessed)! I think the cold weather and snow is (finally) over for Texas so I am officially putting away my winter wardrobe and breaking out my shorts and sunnies! 

The Collegiate Standard sells mostly sorority jewelry and accessories which are adorable and make me wish I had some letters to show off (unfortunately I was an architecture major in college which meant I could be nothing else…), however they also have some adorable non-Greek pieces like the bangle I'm wearing that also comes in blue and red (both just as cute).  Definitely check them out if you're in a sorority…or not in one! :)


  1. There are too many bloggers from the south wearing cute springy outfit and I'm over here freezing my butt off haha! Lovely outfit!

  2. I love this outfit! That belt is so cute.. And I'm super jealous you can wear shorts haha. I'm waiting on this 70 degree weathe coming later this week!!


    1. Thank you! We haven't had quite 70 yet but I'm waiting on it too! :)

  3. Ahh such a cute outfit! I love the way you styled that classic top, I have the same one so this is awesome.


  4. Love how you dressed up these shorts with a blazer. And the bangle is so cute. I'll be taking notes.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  5. This is a great spring look, those shoes and your belt are awesome accessories!

  6. Obsessed with this outfit! Defiantly need to re-create this once it gets warmer, thanks for the inspiration!