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What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

It's apparently that awkward time in my life where I'm supposed to grow up but I still feel like a kid. Perfect example was last weekend. My former best friend from high school got married and I attended her wedding…it was super weird. A couple people I knew from high school and the early days of college were there with their husbands and I kept getting the question "So…I guess you'll be next…" as I was standing their with my date: my boyfriend of over four years. I guess it is odd that we've been together this long, both college grads, working in the same city and have yet to talk about getting engaged…but at 23, I still feel like I'm so far off from all that.

Anyways, if I learned anything last weekend it's that weddings are fun! Especially when it isn't family weddings your forced to stand through with your hair all done up as an 8 year old (I got in trouble for getting on my cousins trampoline in my flower girl dress with my hair done up…oops). 

Regardless, picking out the perfect wedding guest outfit is definitely a new to me, but with the amount of my Facebook friends posting photos of themselves staring longingly into each others eyes with chalkboards with dates on them…I guess I'll have some shopping to do over the next few years! Here's some tips I learned to help you kick off your wedding season.

Instagram Lately...

P.S. The frame was thrifted and painted silver and I found the vase at Goodwill for $10!! 

Father's Day Gift Ideas (Under $100!)

This past month has been so super busy for me. I finished my first big girl project at work (yay!)...after many late nights at the office, have had way too many birthdays and found a new apartment downtown! Basically what I'm trying to say is...I'm back, and hopefully for good this time! 

With Father's Day (and my boyfriend's birthday) coming up, I thought I'd kick off June with a Father's Day gift guide, and since I know I'm on a budget...everything is $100 or less!