Favorite Summer Wedges

I realize that summer is half way over (which is totally crazy by the way), but I've been loving all the cute wedges I've been seeing this season. Also, here in Dallas, I can totally wear them for a few more months since this heat will basically never end. Ugh. 

Top Row: One || Two (They're on sale!) || Three
Middle Row: One || Two
Bottom Row: One || Two

I never was a huge wedges fan for some reason, but since moving to the city where I'm walking a lot more to places, I'm definitely seeing the use for them. I also have a complex about wearing heels and getting dressed up, I'm 5' 2" so when I'm dressing up or going out I like to be taller. I also feel like this past season has had an explosion of adorable wedge sandals and I love it!

I actually just ordered the top right pair and I can't wait to get them in the mail, I liked them because they seemed a little lower than some others and the classic brown leather is super versatile so they'll be able to be dressed up and down easily. On a less practical note I love the fun teal wedges and the white Kate Spade ones. They seem so perfect for a fun and flirty summer outfit!

Despite being a very "summery" shoe in my opinion, choosing a wedge that has more coverage in a neutral color would be a great transition piece to fall. I love the black and brown ones for an (almost) year round staple wardrobe piece.