Kate Spade Cat Collection

If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should…nudge nudge wink wink), you'll know that I have a probably slightly unhealthy obsession with cats…in fact I currently have one purring in my lap doing everything she can to get me to look away from the screen and at her. It's working. 

iPhone Case || Watch || Earrings || Bag || Shoes || Dress

ANYWAYS, my obsession with cats is rivaled by nothing except for maybe my obsession with Kate Spade…so you can imagine the excitement when I opened my e-mail today to a KATE SPADE CAT COLLECTION. Darn you student loans and 401k for keeping me from buying ONLY EVERYTHING.

Thankfully I've managed to narrow it down to only about 10 things that I can't afford, but I think the "Paws Off" clutch might be my favorite. Although that might be a good thing, because I would totally be that crazy cat lady walking around in everything cat/Kate Spade themed. The everything Kate Spade themed is still a goal of mine though. That's not crazy right?