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Pool Party with Mockingbird Station

What's a better way to beat the Texas summer heat than a rooftop pool party with your favorite bloggers and instagrammers complete with tex mex and cocktails? I'd say nothing. And that's exactly what I got to go to last week thanks to the Lofts at Mockingbird Station in Dallas. I've actually been too busy this summer to really enjoy the pool at my apartment, something I thought I would use a lot more than I have…so a planned out event by the pool was just what I needed to get me in the summer mood.

American Apparel Swimsuit ℅ (Top & Bottoms they're half off!!) || Hat (Looks almost exactly like the J.Crew one for 1/3 of the cost!) || Wedges (Similar) - Mine are really old || Sunglasses ℅ || Necklace

Unlike probably every other blogger out there (at least according to Instagram) I'm not a huge (or wasn't) fan of the high waisted bikini trend. I feel like it can look kind of "diaper-y." But considering I was going to an event at a pool surrounded by photographers I wanted a swimsuit that was a little more…shall we say forgiving? 

I'm actually really surprised I liked this American Apparel bikini as much as I did, but it was just what I was I was looking for and I absolutely fell in love with the print on the bottoms. I felt super chic (and modest!) in it and not at all frumpy like I'd feared. So thanks American Apparel for changing my mind on the high waisted bikini trend!

Also thank you to Mockingbird Station and American Apparel for the super fun event and adorable swimsuit (and much needed pool day)! 

Check out the widget below for some more of my favorite poolside staples:


  1. you look great! cute pics :)


  2. What an adorable suit! Loving your look.


  3. I love this look and I do like the high waisted bottom on you! The hat goes well with this outfit.

    xoxo Emily

  4. Ahh! I am so happy you are posting more frequently again, I love your blog! And those swim bottoms are adorable! :)

    1. Thank so much!!! I'm definitely glad to be back! :)

  5. You are looking stunning dear and I think this is just a perfect look for summer pool parties at Los Angeles event venues. This style is making you look beautiful and decent. Thanks for sharing these pics here. I will definitely try your style.