Poolside Essentials

Now that it's officially August and the summer heat is in full gear, all I want to do is chill by (or in!) the pool all day and soak up as much summer sun as I can before September. I feel like between moving and finishing up projects at work, this summer has been super busy for me. Most weekends I've been too busy running errands and moving (ugh) to get to enjoy relaxing by the pool. I'm hoping this August I'll be able to relax and get a tan that will hopefully sustain me through winter ;). Check out some of my favorite poolside essentials for those lazy days sipping margaritas by the pool:

Flamingo Float || Sandals || Tassel Necklace || Sunscreen || iPhone Case || Swimsuit || Bracelet || Sunglasses || Beach Ball || Panama Hat || Beach Towel || Pineapple Tote

I really think this summer has been my favorite when it comes to trends. I'm absolutely obsessed with all the adorable pool floats this season and I am in love with the bright and fun swimsuits, totes, and accessories. Despite all the new fall collections coming out, I feel like I'm always seeing cheerful summer-y stuff that I NEED to add to my closet!

What are your poolside essentials?