Instagram Lately...

I've been a bad blogger this week! Sorry! I meant to get this post out yesterday, but after my run I completely crashed! Anyways, I thought it was about time for another Instagram update. I love reading through these types of posts and seeing all the pretty Instagram photos full size. Instagram is definitely my favorite social media outlet, and lately I've been trying to make better use of it and up my Insta game. Here's where I'll shamelessly plus my should definitely go follow me! :)

I LOVE my new Kate Spade planner I got for Christmas. It's always great to start the year out with pretty organization stuff. 

Another favorite Christmas present. My mom was seriously a champ. I sent her the link to these without realizing they were sold out and she somehow found them! I've literally been wearing them like everyday since Christmas. 

Some days you just need a Margarita. Especially with a bad case of spring fever! I'm definitely ready for patio season!

Love my Prada Marfa print! It looks so chic in my dining room. Here's a link to a similar one.

"I can't even" Literally the perfect mug for Mondays.

Happy Friday ya'll! Hope you had a great 1st month of 2016! :)