Pantone 2016 Color(s) Of the Year Favorites

In case you hadn't heard, this years colors of the year are the two prettiest pastel shades of pink and blue...Rose Quartz and Serenity, I seriously have not been able to get enough! I always love seeing what the new color of the year is from Pantone, and it's so cool how in 2016 theres two! I can already tell these shades will (and are!) going to be trickling into my wardrobe piece by piece!


I love how well these colors go with each other and the rest of my wardrobe. They're so pale and soft that they can either be a statement piece or a neutral with other bold punches of color. And they totally work for all seasons. Soft pinks and blues are usually a staple of breezy clothes seen in the spring or summer, but the coolness of the colors makes them perfect for winter and fall too! I'm definitely going to have fun all year with these colors!

What's your favorite? Rose Quartz or Serenity?