Tips for Actually Sticking to Your New Years Resolutions

My New Years Resolution was to win the Powerball, unfortunately that one failed miserably. I've never played before but with all the talk about it I figured I'd pick up a ticket. Not one number right. Oh well! 

In reality, my new years resolutions are probably a lot like yours: get back into my running routine, get more sleep, save money, and a couple blog related ones too. I know the new year resolution thing is kind of cliche, but the new year is a great time for a fresh start, and a great time to focus on yourself with a nice long break from holidays in January plus the ability to get back into a routine. I thought I'd make a post with some of my best tips for sticking to your new years resolutions...or any resolutions whatever they may be!

1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race: I think my best tip (at least for me), is to not try an do everything at once. I'm super OCD about stuff, so if I mess up just one time I get really discouraged and stop. Instead of "Lose 20 pounds by summer" or "Save all extra money" try giving yourself a monthly goal. Some of mine this month is "Finish C25K (Couch to Five K)," "Post on Instagram Everyday," "Drink 2 bottles of water at my desk." Once January is over then add some new goals onto those for February, so that come July you look great in that bikini, or able to afford that Caribbean cruise...and it didn't even feel that difficult!

2. It's OK to Mess Up: This one really, really gets me. It used to be that when I'd mess up, I'd just feel like a failure and stop trying. Its way better to skip one workout than go weeks without one, and it's OK to stumble and have to adjust our goals...which brings me to point #3

3. Don't be Too Specific or Too Vague:  Instead of "Save money this year," or "Get fit" make your resolution more specific and goal oriented...but not too specific so you feel constrained. For example, one of my goals this month is to finish my running program. I'm actually giving myself twice the time to finish it, so that I can be sure I'm used to those distances and instead of scheduling out each day and what workout I'll do, I have a goal of running at least 3x per week...and it's working pretty well so far!

Do you have any new years resolutions or goals you're working on this year?