Instagram Lately... + NSale Favorites

I meant to have a new outfit post up for ya'll today but I've been feeling a little under the weather this week. Not to mention my usual photographer has been busy catching Pokemon (and I admittedly went with him some too...). 

Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet, I just love scrolling through endless eye candy of pretty things and outfits, which is why Instagram update blog posts are some of my favorite to read. Which is why I also love posting these occasionally too! Check out all the details from some of my favorite 'Grams below! 

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right? A macaron shop right next to the nail salon that serves wine is a very dangerous thing. Sunglasses

This has basically been me every weekend all summer. 

What could be better for the 4th of July than popsicles at the pool? Swimsuit herefloatsunglasses

The biggest sale of the year starts today! There's so many things I need!

This weekend I'll definitely be checking out the #NSale, shop some of my favorites in the widget below! I just with I could actually buy them all...