Best Birthday Ever - I'm Engaged!

Ya'll, I've had such a hard time keeping quite about this for the past week, but now I can spill the beans... I'M ENGAGED! This has been something my boy- I mean, fiancĂ© have been talking about for a while, but he's the type of person that will sit and stare at the order button on Amazon for literal hours before buying something (seriously...) so I didn't have my hopes up for it happening anytime soon. Boy, did he surprise me! 

When Jered and I had talked about getting engaged, I told him I wanted two things 1. I want the moment caught on camera and 2. I want to be dressed nice (so not in pajamas with no makeup on), I think he did pretty good! 

On December 30th, he took me out to dinner for my birthday to a nice restaurant we've been wanting to try. Before dinner, he made me promise that we would go out for cocktails after because "he really wanted a good Old Fashioned," I may be notorious for getting sleepy and just wanting to go home! 

Instead of heading inside for cocktails, Jered suggests we walk around the park for a while, since it was the last day all the Christmas lights would be up. 

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which of course I said YES! We were surrounded by beautifully lit up trees in a secluded section of the park, it was perfect!

After we had a quick photoshoot and then actually got cocktails while excitedly texting our friends and family!

The outfit I'm wearing is in this post, and here and here are similar versions of my coat.

Thank you so much Sukilynn for the beautiful photos! I can't wait to start sharing all the wedding planning details with you guys!

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