Valentines Gift Ideas

Ya'll, I cannot believe it's already February and Valentine's Day is only a week away! I feel like I was just writing Christmas gift guides and now it's time for another! I've said it a thousand times but I'll say it again, guys are seriously the hardest people to shop's totally not fair at all! 

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1. New Shirts - Guys aren't big on shopping and I'm assuming since you're reading a fashion blog you are, so why don't you style your boyfriend and grab some new shirts to spruce up his wardrobe for Valentine's Day! I love how this one subtly nods to the holiday with a shade of pink, plus it will be the perfect addition to his closet for the upcoming spring season! 

2. Cool Watch - A watch is something my guy would never buy for himself, which is why it would be such a great gift, not to mention a sweet everyday reminder of his lovely fiancee! 

3. Bluetooth Speakers - This was actually my gift to Jered for Christmas and he uses it all the time! A portable speaker is a perfect gift for a tech savvy or music loving guy, plus they have surprisingly good sound for such a small gadget.  

4.  Leather Belt - I'm all about practicality when it comes to gift giving, I definitely want whoever I'm giving a gift to actually use it. A nice leather belt is something a guy will use basically every day and it will last him a while, I love this Brooks Brothers one for a classic style.

5.  Sunglasses - Sunglasses are another thing that Jered absolutely will not buy for himself. I don't know how many pairs of those cheap plastic ones with logos on the side he has, but it's way too many. A good pair of Ray-Bans would make a great gift for any guy that wouldn't think about splurging on them himself.

6. & 7. Bottle Opener & Whiskey Stones - I combined these gifts into one because whether your man is a beer guy or a whisky enthusiast, you can never go wrong with some unique bar accessories. 

8. iPhone Case - A new smartphone case is always a good gift idea, with the amount phones get beat around during the day I know I'm always in need of a new one. This woodgrain one is the perfect amount of stylish for any guy.

9. Cologne - Ok, so this might actually be more of a gift for me but, whatever. This is my absolute favorite cologne on Jered. I seriously always make sure he doesn't run out of his Brooks Brothers Classic cologne - plus it makes the perfect last minute gift if I'm short on ideas! 

10. Valentine's Themed Boxers - This is a little bit of a gag gift that I think is totally hilarious that I've been including in my Valentine's Day gifts for a few years now. It's just funny to know my guy is walking around in heart print boxers for some reason - and it's practical. This may be TMI - but J.Crew apparently has the best boxers :).