Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Photos + Tips

I know I got this post up really late today but it has been the longest week - I feel like I say that every week. I'm so excited to share my engagement photos with you guys though! I seriously had the BEST time taking them - it was so much fun, and I am in love with how they came out. Our photographer, Andrea Elizabeth Photography, is perfect for us. She captured exactly what I had envisioned and I cannot wait until the wedding! If you're in Dallas and looking for a wedding photographer - definitely check her out! 

I ended up choosing the photographer that I did for a few reasons, I loved her bright, saturated editing style and she was especially good at making sure to capture all the details of the wedding - something that's really important to me because I am planning on DIYing a lot of fun details. 

If you're currently planning a wedding (or thinking about it!) here's some tips I learned from the whole experience:

Think about the time of year and day when scheduling your photos. 
Our save the dates don't need to go out until September this year - so we ended up taking engagement photos really early. Considering I live in Texas I really wanted to avoid the awful summer heat, I didn't want my face melting off and I knew I wanted Jered in a suit - which would be miserable on a 100+ degree day. Plus toward the end of summer, all the grass turns brown around here - yuk! 

Try to use the same photographer for your engagements as for your wedding.
Engagement photos are a great time to get to know the person who will be capturing the most important day of your life. It was great for us to get to know our photographer a little bit better in a more relaxed setting than during the stress of our wedding day! 

Consider the location and style of your wedding when choosing your outfits. 
I know most people end up doing one dressy outfit and one casual one for their engagements, I wanted a really classic and urban feel which is why I chose a more dressy look. Our wedding venue is also a historical building in the middle of downtown so I feel as though a more formal look was fitting. I actually planned on only wearing the black dress (it's this one!) But I found the pink one at the Kate Spade store randomly and I knew I just couldn't walk out without it! I actually really like having a more "classic" set and a more fun and whimsical set. 

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