Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Favorites & Sneak Peek!

nordstrom anniversary sale early access favorites

I know it's Thursday, and it's not a usual posting day for me...buttt the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access has officially started! Expect me to be blowing up your Insta feed with Anniversary sale picks for the next few weeks - but it's totally worth it since it's THE BEST time to be stocking up on the newest fall styles! 

Yesterday evening I got to head over to Nordstrom North Park to preview and shop the sale a day early which means I'm currently staying up until 2am to grab links to everything I bought and tried on (the things I do for you guys...). I definitely did some damage to my bank account this evening and I can't wait to style everything for you all!


Tee // Skirt

I loved the idea of this skirt, and it was super pretty and flowy but I was way too short for it. You tall girls will look gorgeous in this though! 

Bag (Comes in multiple colors!)

I love that the summer embroidery trend is bleeding over into fall. This bag would be the statement perfect transition piece. This was something I had my eye on in the catalog, but it ended up being much smaller than I expected - so keep that in mind.


The detailing on a lot of fall pieces is just absolutely beautiful this season! Aren't these flats just gorgeous?


I loved this dress! The lace detailing is such a pretty detail and I've noticed a LOT of choker necklines while shopping today. Wouldn't it be perfect for a fall wedding event? (speaking of wedding dresses...)

Tee // Jeans

These jeans we're actually sold out in the color that I wanted (black) so I tried them on in this color to make sure they fit so I can order them online. Also, this t-shirt is SO soft and comfy that I got it in multiple colors! 

Thank you so much to Nordstrom North Park for letting us play around in the store for a few hours and sending us home with adorable goodie bags and a few pieces from the sale! 

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